Taurus 809 9mm Pistol: New Taurus 800 Handgun Series

The Taurus 809 pistol is a polymer handgun that offers a lot of value for a modest price.  The new pistol is chambered in 9mm and uses 17 round magazines.  This gun has a 4″ barrel and weighs slightly more than 30 ounces when it is unloaded.

Taurus 809

The gun is an odd mix of actions.  Instead of being a traditional double-action/single-action, it is a single-action/double-action pistol.  This means the first and all subsequent shots are a light, short single action trigger pull.  However, should the gun ever fail to fire, the next shot will be a double action trigger pull.  Why, might you ask, is that?

Most failures of a gun to go bang when ammo is properly chambered is the fault with the ammunition.  According to Bob Morrison, the former president of Taurus, the majority of ammo that fails to fire the first time will fire when the hammer falls on it a second time.  If your ammo ever fails to fire in the 809, all you have to do is pull the trigger again, and the gun will likely fire.  Neat concept, but I don’t know how tactically sound the concept is.  Regardless, it is an option to use should you choose.  Taurus calls this the “Strike 2” technology.

The backstrap of the 809 can be swapped out with several other sizes of backstraps.  This allows the shooter to better configure the gun to his or her hand.  After all, it is a lot easier to resize a piece of plastic than a body part.

Taurus 809B

The slide of the pistol has a Tennifer finish, which is the same exceptionally durable finish used on Glock pistols.  Tennifer is a nitriding process that makes the metal very resistant to corrosion.  To have it on an relatively inexpensive gun is a real plus for the owner.

Taurus states the 809 is on the medium autopistol frame.  They do not list a specific width for the gun.  It appears the gun would be acceptable for concealed carry, though it is not going to be nearly as thin as the company’s Slim line of pistols.

This gun, as with all of the company’s guns, comes with a lifetime repair policy.  So even if you have problems down the road, they are willing to help make things right.

Cleaning and field stripping this gun is pretty straightfoward and easy.  Even so, Taurus published this very helpful video showing shooters how to properly disassemble their 809 handguns.  I really appreciate a company that takes the extra step to make sure their customers have all of the resources they might need to care for their products.

The Taurus 809 ships with two magazines, various sized backstraps, a cleaning brush, magazine loader and hard case for storage.  The MSRP on the pistol is $497, while street prices tend to be much lower.  Don’t be surprised if you find this 809 for sale closer to $425.  Oh, and don’t forget the bonus:  Taurus includes a free one year membership to the NRA to help protect all of our rights.

Here are a few more photos of the 809 pistol:

Taurus 809 for sale

Taurus 809 pistol



I found this video from Guns & Gears on YouTube. The video talks about the problems they ran into when shooting about 1,000 rounds through this pistol. The video shows the gun being disassembled and cleaned after the shooting. All of the filth in the gun is not the fault of Taurus – that is the ammo. However, it is interesting to see the gun was unable to make it 1k rounds of shooting without the trigger problems.

This is not the worst gun ever made, and I would guess that it would serve most people well for home defense. However, I would not pick this as a self-defense gun if I had a little extra money to buy another gun. I’ve spent a lot of time on the range training. A gun should be able to handle 1,000 rounds (and more) before cleaning without developing trigger problems.

In my former law enforcement career, it would be nothing to put 1,000 rounds downrange in an advanced pistol class. With the Glock 17, Glock 19, Glock 22, HK VP9 and SIG SAUER P226 (in both 9mm and .40 S&W), I never experienced any problems with these guns. I’ve put a lot of rounds through a Smith & Wesson M&P9, and I would expect the same level of good performance out of it.

I’m not looking down on the PT809. However, if you have the money, I’d recommend upgrading from Taurus and into another of the brands I mentioned above.

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Richard Johnson is a gun writer, police trainer and really bad joke teller. Check out his other writing in Combat Handguns, Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement, on The Firearm Blog and at BlueSheepdog.

  • Aric Brothers

    this looks to be a nice weapon. I currently own a 24/7 which has been very good to me. I have fired approx. 700 rounds through it and never once misfire. I liked the oss when they first came out but was un able to fisically see one. I now see the 800 series and i am really tempting to trade the 24/7 40 cal. in.

  • Scotty Smith

    I just purchased and 809 Taurus and I must say, I am pleased. I own 2 additional Tauruss’ 1)PT-92 2)Model 626 Tracker .357 Mag., and they are very dependable and extremely reliable. No, it’s not a S&W or Colt or Ruger, but they don’t carry that price tag; but they do carry that quality and reliability. But, that’s my opinion but one that I base on 20 years of experience with Taurus.

  • Bruce Hammon

    I purchased an 809 in Sept 09. I’ve yet to get 50 rounds through it without the trigger spring braking. This has happened three times. Of all the problems you would think this gun would have, this would not be one of them. It’s been back for repair three times and have requested a replacement. I have no trust in this weapon at all. I’m a loyal Taurus pistols customer. PT 92, PT 111, PT 709, PT 24/7pro. All have been reliable except the 809. I’m hopeful Taurus will make it right. I suspect the spring is too stressed with the long take up distance. Failure has been exactly the same all three time. There web sight says extremely reliable. Not so far with mine. Stay tuned.. bwh.

  • Jeff

    Help, I hear nothing but the best then I here of 24/7 pros blowing up and now 809’s failing. I think the explosion is due to crap reloads but what one should I get the pt 24/7 pro 9mm or the 809 and why?

  • Bruce Hammon

    I have both the 24/7 pro and 809…both I think are good guns. My 809 trigger spring has broken three time.. Just got it back and took it to the range and fired 50 rounds and it now seems ok.. I hope they solved the problem this time as I like the gun and it’s features.
    Being a left hand shooter I really like the right side controls. I have just about every brand of 9mm’s out there (cz’s, rugers, HK’s, XDM’s, glocks) and am not giving up on Taurus. My next gun is going to be another Taurus when available (24/7 G2 ,New for 2010).
    Take a look at their web sight…..looks great..

  • TM

    Does anyone know if there is a holster out for this yet? I’m interested in buying it but have not been able to find any holsters for it.


    i have 24/7 but i am not satisfied with accuracy

  • lloyd santiago

    i’m thinking of buying a 9mm pistol for carry purposes and i am choosing between taurus 24/7 and the model 809… pls help me decide on what to purchase… i like the looks better on the 809 but it seems like it does not have that much review for that gun… nearly purchased the 24/7 but as soon as i saw the 809, i thought twice… will the 809 worth the purchase based on reliability durability accuracy price and looks? thanks!

  • B Hammon

    I would avoid the 809. No usefull range time with two different 809’s. The trigger spring on the first pistol broke 4 times. They replaced it with another 809 and that one just broke another trigger spring exactly the same as the first pistol… They have a design problem and need a recall.. The spring does not have enough coil turns and breaks easy.. Did not get fifty rounds through the second pistol before it broke. I’m going to see if they will replace it with a different model.. You can’t trust the 809. It has nice features and looks good but can’t live with the reliability problems.. I would spend the extra money and buy a Springfield XDM or Glock. I will post the outcome when I hear back from Taurus…. good luck.. bh

  • Harold

    The strike two really works..thee or four times i think for the two shootfest i participated..realy great feature because you don’t have to loosen your grip to cock the hammer for a 2nd try on a delayed primer which usually happen on a reloaded cartridge unlike the 1911 where you have to manually cock the hammer or pull the slide to eject the defective cartride and inject a new one to the chamber.

  • Scotty S.

    The 809 I purchased a year ago is still doing fine. I understand that sometimes you just get a lemon no matter what brand. That does not mean that all 809’s are going to malfunction such as with B. Hammon. It could happen to a Colt or S&W just as easy, doesn’t mean that they make bad guns. Just means you may have bought a lemon. Automobiles have lemons and firearms are no different. When you have several complex moving parts sometimes those parts don’t do what their supposed to do. However in regards to Lloyd Santiago, this is just me but if you are looking for a good conceal carry you might want to check out the Taurus 609 series. I have had one for over a year and traded a Glock for it. Some might say, “What, you traded a Glock for a Taurus?” Yes I did, and it has turned out to be one of the best gun trades I have ever done. It is so balanced, Heiney Straight 8 sights, 13 rounds in the clip. Gun feels like it was made for my hand. It’s quick out of the holster and quick to aim, and recoil is actually lighter than the Glock I feel. Try it! You may just end up liking it. Anyway that’s one mans oppinion.

    • http://www.GunsHolstersAndGear.com Richard


      Thanks for posting. I’m always happy to hear positive reports on guns from owners.


  • Keith

    I don’t have the 809, but I do carry the 845. I love this gun. And every thing about it. I do plan to get the 809. Taurus makes fine pistols, and I stand behind them. With a lifetime warranty, there’s no reason to complain about one or two auto’s. They will make it good. I have a Taurus in 357., 22., & two 45’s.

  • Colin

    I have the Taurus 809 and love it. I have fired 200 rounds out of it and nothing wrong. now its my concealed carry gun. Crossbreed holsters has a holster that works great.Just call and they will tell you what holster it is.

  • John

    Bought an 809 in December. Shoots pretty well, but ejected 99% of the spent casings at my head/face. Actually had some blood drawn on one of them. Sent it in to Taurus on Jan. 20th and they confirmed the issue on Jan. 26th. Gun was placed in “management review board” on January 26th. Called in today to get a status and it’s still in MRB as of 2/25/2011. Taurus has now had the gun 2 weeks longer than I had it in my possession. I hope to get it back soon, but the longer they keep it, the more I think it was a mistake to get one. I’ve already purchased a M&P 9MM as my second handgun instead of a PT-92. I was really hoping for a good experience, but so far, I haven’t found it yet with Taurus.

  • David Sandifer

    I just purchased an 809 and have run 100 rounds through it to break it in…of course after a complete break down and cleaning (before first round)…
    The rounds I used for break-in were the cheapest FMJ I could get…The gun worked flawless…and for the cheap rounds, the accuracy was the best of any new gun I’ve tested…
    After the 100 rounds, I did a complete break down, to inspect all parts…wear patterns were as expected and have to say this gun is now a very smooth operating one…I highly recommend it…I’ll carry this one now…
    I have worked with guns for over 40years now…

  • Rusty

    I purchased an 809 about 6 months ago. I have shot about 300 rounds, and have not had any trouble. I also have 2 freinds that own 809’s and 840’s and they have not had any issues either. I like this pistol because it is easy to take down and clean. I shoot the winchester 147 grain hollow points and also the 115 grain and have never had a misfire. I would recomend this gun to anybody based on it’s value and reliability.

  • Justin

    I bought two 809 pistols last year around this time and both right out of the box fired 500 rounds a piece with a miss-feed on the third bullet on the first mag with one of them. other than that I have shot 50 to 100 rounds though them every weekend since, everything from cheap aluminum casings to self defense rounds without a miss-feed or jam whether I am pulling the trigger as fast as I can or slow target practice. awesome firearms

  • Uncle Ben

    I actually ordered an 809 along with the 22 LR conversion kit but Taurus discontinued selling the conversion kit for some reason so I canceled the order and bought an EAA Witness. Now I’m waiting for a back ordered 22 LR conversion for the Witness.

  • Chuckalucktoo

    I’m a security guard and to get certified I had to go to the range and shoot. So I took my brand new out of the box Taurus PT809. I ran about 70 rounds through it with no problems. Feels good in the hand and was surprisingly very accurate. Didn’t need but 45 rounds to hit the target to get qualified. Mission accomplished. I highly recommend this weapon and I trust it so far.

  • Perry Wilson

    I purchased a Taurus 809 last year and have been very disappointed. The first time out it jammed several times, had stove pipes, and the shells ejected back to my head and face. I read some posts that said the gun just needed break in. I’ve shot it several times now, cleaning and lubing between outings with no improvement. I took it out again today after not shooting it for several months. Again the same problems, jams, stovepipes, shells in my face, and the slide doesn’t always lock back after the last shot. This is a gun I really wanted to like. It has great features and looks good, but doesn’t shoot worth a damn. I know it’s probably just a lemon because I’ve seen a lot of good reviews on this gun. However, I’ve seen plenty of reviews like mine as well. I also have 2 Glocks, 1 Ruger, and a S&W. These all function flawlessly with no problems whatsoever. For what’s it’s worth, I’ll never buy another Taurus.

    • cgw665

      Since your 809 is throwing shells back in your face, I would send it to Taurus to have the extractor replaced. I had the same issue at first with mine. It works fine now that they repaired it. Taurus has a lifetime warranty, so you’ll only have to pay to ship it to them. They should be able to take care of the stove pipes and jamming too.

  • David Sandifer

    I’m sorry to hear your issues with the gun…I’m not affiliated with Taurus, but, have had very very good experiences with the 809…I would recommend that you either send it back to Taurus or take it to a good gunsmith and have the recoil spring check out…It sounds like it is out of spec…
    I do gunsmithing myself, and one of the first things I did was go thru my 809 with a fine tooth comb, checking all the spec and tolerances…mine was right on…and never had even a single mishap with it…as such I prefer it over my glock…
    good luck and good shooting
    David S

  • MikeO48

    This is the worst review of a firearm I have ever seen. These guys need to look for another line of work if this is the best they can do.