Ruger SR9 Pistol with OD Green Frame

Ruger SR9 OD green frame pistol striker fired polymerAt the 2008 SHOT Show, Ruger announced that their run-away hit pistol, the Ruger SR-9, will now be available with an OD green frame.

One of the thinnest, full sized handguns in production, the Ruger SR-9 has quickly become very popular with the self-defense and concealed carry buyers. Now with the availability of the OD green frame, Ruger’s customers have one additional way to customize their pistol.

The SR9 with the OD green frame and blackened stainless slide retails for $565 and comes with two 17 round magazines.  It is otherwise the same gun with the same features as the original Ruger SR9.  It will be interesting to see if the company introduces any additional frame colors or variations to this line of pistols.  I could see something in flat dark earth or coyote brown being of interest.  Likewise a pink pistol could be popular with some folks.

Often times, a company will make a limited run of pistols for specific distributors or dealers if enough are ordered at one time.  Ruger frequently work with Davidsons and other companies to make limited edition pistols and rifles.  It is possible we will see more variations of the SR9 in the future.

Editor’s note:  This gun has since been discontinued.  It was only in production for a limited time.  If you have one, you might want to hold onto to it.  I am surprised that this gun did not do much better (sales-wise) than it did.  Generally, OD- and FDE- (flat dark earth) framed handguns have sold well in recent years.  If anyone is interested, I will ask a Ruger rep about any future frame colors at the next SHOT Show.

Since the time this article was written, Ruger expanded the SR-line of pistols to include the SR40 and SR45 handguns in .40 S&W and .45 ACP calibers respectively.

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  • Mark

    How can I get a green frame for my Ruger SR9?

  • Matt

    Love it. Buying one asap.