Houston Man with CCW Permit Shoots Would-Be Carjacker in Self Defense

CCW HolderA Houston man shot and killed a criminal who had pointed a gun at him and tried to force him into a car.

Fortunately, the victim had a CCW (carry concealed weapon) permit and was able to defend himself with his firearm. When the criminal tried to force the victim into the car at gun point, the victim produced his own firearm and saved his own life. The criminal, who fled in a car with another person, died a short time later. The driver of the get-away car was arrested by police.

This is yet another example of how people must be an active participant in their own survival. The victim recognized that a criminal who would try to kidnap him at gunpoint was an imminent threat to his his life. The victim had the tools (the will to win and a gun) to fight back and win.

I suppose this is another one of those stories that the media “forgets” when it comes to guns saving lives.  As a former police officer, I saw far more people who saved themselves with a firearm than were harmed by them.  One such incident involved a woman who was attacked by two men who followed her off the highway into a pharmacy parking lot.  When they approached her and tried to get her out of her truck, she pulled her handgun.  The two would-be rapists then fled.

We never caught those two dirtbags, but the woman was not victimized because she was able to defend herself.  Defenselessness is not a virtue, nor is being a victim.  Instead of holding up the victims as being heroes, we need to point to women like this one as true heroes.  She understood she was responsible for her own safety, and took steps to ensure her own survival.

I’m glad this CCW holder in Houston was also able to defend himself.

Well done, sir.

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