Sig P250 Pistol in Two-Tone Finish

Sig Sauer P250 pistol in two tone finishSig Sauer announced a new model of Sig P250: a two tone version with a black frame and a stainless slide.

The P250 is a polymer framed semi-automatic pistol that is “modular” in design.  The fire control unit sits inside the frame, and can be removed to be inserted into another frame.  This allows a single serial numbered part (the actual “gun”) to be configured in one of numerous different ways:  different calibers, frame sizes, barrel lengths, etc.

The new SIG P250 adds the option of having a two-tone look for the gun.  The frames are all black polymer, though other colors like flat dark earth and olive drab green are certainly possible.  The slide is steel with a matte stainless steel finish.  The pistol is available in 9mm, .357 SIG, .40 S&W and the big bore .45 ACP.

This two-tone version of the gun is available in the full size, compact and subcompact configurations.  This allows the shooter to keep that same clean look no matter what size fits their needs.  Nice.

The SIG P250 has a double action only trigger (DAO), which is different than the striker fired system found on many polymer pistols like those from Glock and Springfield Armory.

SIG P250 two tone

MSRP on the guns is $655.  Expect to pony up additional cash should you want to swap between different calibers and frame sizes.

Update March 2012:  The two-tone P250 has been dropped from the SIG Sauer line.  Although duo-tone guns tend to be popular with many people, it would seem that this version was not attracting enough sales to make it a viable product in the line.  Many other versions of the P250 are still available from SIG, including a version with diamond plating on the slide.  This will give the shooter a stainless steel finish, but with the texture more commonly associate with truck tool boxes. I guess there are a lot of shooters who like that kind of thing.

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