Smith & Wesson Model 629 Stealth Hunter

The Smith and Wesson Performance Center is now producing a special Model 629 revolver called the Stealth Hunter. The Stealth Hunter was built from the ground up to provide a superb handgun hunting platform.

Smith & Wesson 629 Stealth Hunter

The Stealth Hunter features:

  • Ball Detent Lock-up
  • Forged Color Case Trigger with Overtravel Stop
  • Forged Color Case Hammer
  • Old-School Pinned Sear
  • MagnaPorted Barrel
  • Aluminum Performance Center Case

The barrel is 7 1/2″ long, making the overall length of the 629 just under 13″ at 12.9″. Sights are fully adjustable with a red ramp front that is dovetailed into place and a blade notch rear sight. However, most hunters will probably opt to add a scope or reflex sight on the mount.

S&W model 629 Stealth Hunter


The revolver holds six rounds of the powerful Magnum ammunition.  It will, of course, also shoot 44 Special loads.  The gun can be fired single action or double action.  Weight is 56 ounces without ammo loaded.  The synthetic grip is labeled Smith & Wesson, but is made by Hogue.

The finish is matte black.  The suggested retail price is $1596.   (Editor’s note:  The current (April 2013) MSRP is $1579, which is a drop of $17 from when the gun was first introduced in 2008.)

In a time of wondergun, polymer, super-capacity pistols it is great to see a company like Smith & Wesson will still support the superb craftsmanship that goes into a high quality revolver.  Guns like this one are increasingly hard to find, and they are more and more expensive as the limited number of sources is drying up.

If you are in the market for a revolver like the Stealth Hunter, definitely check out the S&W Performance Center.  They do amazing work and virtually any Smith gun you might have.  The prices seem reasonable, and I hear that the turn-around time is pretty quick for the work being done.  I’ve got a couple of old revolvers that are in line to make the return journey to Springfield, MA for a little tuning.

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