Galco AutoLock Matrix Holsters

Galco AutoLock Matrix paddle holsterThe new Galco AutoLock Matrix holsters are an affordable way to secure your weapon when carrying concealed.  Even with your firearm under a cover garment, you still might be targeted for a gun grab.  Having a simple way to lock the gun into the holster can give you that moment to recover from the initial attack and gain control over the pistol.  This is even more important for people exercising their open carry rights.

The new new paddle holsters are being brought to the market in the first quarter of 2008. Based on their popular Matrix line of paddle holsters, the new AutoLock holster securely locks the firearm into place without the use of straps or external snaps.

According to Scott Feck, the V.P. of Operations for Galco Gunleather, a standard gripping motion releases the lock, allowing the wearer to present the weapon in a very smooth, fast process.  Feck suggests that the locking mechanism does not interfere with the natural drawing motion, which is important when presenting the pistol in a stress situation.  If you have to fumble with the holster, precious seconds tick away – seconds that literally could be your last.

The AutoLock will be available for the Glock 26 and 27 models first, followed by the 3″ 1911, and various models of Sig Sauer pistols. Feck anticipates the AutoLock will be shipping for at least the 10 most popular handguns by the end of the year.

MSRP on the Galco AutoLock Matrix holsters is expected to be in the low $30’s.  Considering the retail price almost always has a significant amount of mark-up, I wouldn’t be surprised to see these selling for less than $30 in the near future.

Update 2013 – The price on these holsters has risen substantially, and MSRP is significantly more than it used to be.  Click here to get your Galco AutoLock Matrix holster for substantially less than MSRP at Amazon.

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