SIG Sauer .22LR Pistol Conversion Kits

SIG 22 Conversion kit

SIG SAUER is now selling .22 LR conversion kits for the company’s most popular handguns: the P220, P226, P228 and P229.

Having a .22 conversion kit allows a shooter to practice with the firearm on the range, but at a less expensive cost since .22 tends to be very inexpensive.  Additionally, the low recoil from a .22 is ideal for training a new shooter the fundamentals without causing them to pick up flinches from the sound and recoil from larger calibers.

Each conversion kit comes with a slide assembly, recoil spring, guide rod, barrel and ten round magazine.  Adjustable target sights are included on the slide.  The kits come in a hard plastic carrying case for storage and transport to the range.

A second kit is also available from SIG.  The second kit is nearly identical to the standard kit, but comes with a threaded barrel.  This allows the shooter to add a variety of muzzle attachments including sound suppressors.  The kit includes a thread protector for use when a suppressor or other device is not attached to the barrel.

From the feedback I have gotten on these kits, the number one complaint I have hears is that with the conversion kit, the slide will not lock to the rear after firing the last shot.  For anyone doing training – be it for self defense or sport – practicing reloads is an important part of the training regimen.  Having the slide lock back on an empty mag would be a very good upgrade to these kits so reload drills can be practiced.

SIG Sauer 22 conversion kit

Like any .22 LR gun, the SIG pistols equipped with the conversion kits can be unreliable with some loads.  That is just the nature of the .22 LR round, I am afraid.

Conversion kits can now be bought direct from Amazon. You can get the P220 conversion kit by clicking here and the P229 kit by clicking here.

SIG 22 Conversion Kit for P229 Video

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  • Brian

    Excellent! Any idea when they’ll be available to order?

  • admin


    I talked with Sig today. They say that the kits will start shipping in early April. Initially, quantities will be limited as they ramp up production and see how the market responds.

    The suggested retail price is $369.00.


  • dough

    that price is $100 to high. i’m pretty sure aftermarket is cheaper, why so much? the aftermarket conversion kits are shooting 2″ groups at 25 yards. that works for me. and they come with cleaning kits.

  • Erick


    Isn’t it better to buy a Sig Mosquito than to buy this conversion kit? You can buy a Sig .22LR Mosquito Sport for $388.00 with 2 mags.

    I have a P229R 9mm and I was looking into buying this conversion kit or mosquito. Can you enlighten me on my dilema?


  • admin

    I cannot answer the question for you, only you can make that decision. What is “better” is in the eye of the beholder.

    If you are looking for a .22 handgun, the Mosquito -may- be a better choice, although I am not a big fan of it.

    If you are looking to spend more time training with your P229, and a 22 rimfire conversion kit would allow you to do that, then the conversion kit -may- be the better choice.

    Keep in mind that the Mosquito is a similar size to the 229, but it is different. Some of the size differences are even more pronounced with the P226 and P220.

    Good luck!


  • Erick


    Thanks for the advise. I went to my local Sig dealer and looked at the Sig Mosquito. You were right, the feel was different as you said. I ordered the conversion kit and the dealer said it might take a while because it has been backordered.

    Again thanks for the enlightenment and more power to you Richard.


  • Todd

    Any rumors on a 22 kit for the P250?

  • admin

    Not that I’ve heard. We’ll have to see how the sales numbers come out for the P250. If it sells as well as they hope, then a .22 kit would likely follow.

  • Stephanie

    Any plans on producing a conversion kit for the P239?

  • Andrew

    I am looking for a 22cal. for the range. I like the Sig and am contemplating purchasing the Sig 22 for $499. and a conversion kit for another $300. Is this a waste of money? Should I buy the mosquito or another 22cal.???

  • Bryan


    What is this Sig 22 that you will be purchasing? Sig does not make a gun with the designation “22”. If you are referring to the P220, then I would say it is an awesome deal, even if the gun is used. If you are referring to a .22 caliber Sig, then you wouldn’t need the conversion kit. Sorry, but I’m a little confused what you are asking.

  • david

    Sig has on their website the new P226 22 classic. It is a p226 with the 22 conversion kit on it. You can get them at budsgunshop for $488.00. I have a P226 9mm. I bought the conversion kit for $300. It is great. Sights are exactly the same as the 9mm


    I recently purchased a P229 Classic 22. At this time I trying to decided to go with the 9mm X-Change Kit or a .40. The only complaint on the P229 .22 is that the slide does not lock back after the last round and if you don’t keep track of how many rounds you shoot, you end of dry firing. According to the techs that I talked to at SIG that is how it was designed to operate. I have recently purchased some after market upgrades for the P229. Jeff is currently working on a follower mod that will lock the slide back after the last round. Hope this helps.

  • John

    I have had many bad experiences with .22 pistols jamming/not ejecting shells properly with a variety of supposedly good pistols even with high velocity ammo. How are these new Sigs performing?

  • Don Maxwell

    I bought a 22 conversion kit for my 228, the dealer told me to buy mc2500 mil.comm lub which I did I could not wait till I got it home to put it on my 228 I lubed the kit and the frame I put in on The first 10 times working the slid it would not close all the way. after working the slide about 100 times it worked well.
    I loaded it up useing Remington hollow points. the first shot was a little slow closeing but from that point on I gould not ask for better at 15 yard useing a rest I had a shot group of a inch, all I can say is I in love.

  • Don Maxwell

    I was told by the person I bought the kit from to clean it with alcohol only I have never cleaned agun with Alcohol what say you.

    • Richard

      I suggest you look at the manual that came with the kit. I don’t know that Sig suggests using alcohol. Unless it says otherwise, Hoppes #9 would be my choice.

  • Don Maxwell

    the very small manual that came with the kit states nothing either way
    about cleaning it did say use agood lubricant i will take your advise and use #9 i have used it for 25 years thanks

  • robert s

    40 s/w ve will this work ??? which model of kit p226 ???

  • jeff

    Mine went back to Sig 4 days after I got it. The trigger felt like it had been buried in a sandbox and the upper would not come off the frame. Multiple FTF, and the first round, almost always, had to be struck twice by the firing pin in order to discharge. Major disappointment.

  • Commander

    The quality of the SIG-SAUER Guns is considerably better if the components with a DE are marked. DE=Made in Germany.