SIG Sauer .22LR Pistol Conversion Kits

SIG 22 Conversion kit

SIG Sauer is now selling .22 LR conversion kits for the company’s most popular handguns: the P220, P226, P228 and P229.

Having a .22 conversion kit allows a shooter to practice with the firearm on the range, but at a less expensive cost since .22 tends to be very inexpensive.  Additionally, the low recoil from a .22 is ideal for training a new shooter the fundamentals without causing them to pick up flinches from the sound and recoil from larger calibers.

Each conversion kit comes with a slide assembly, recoil spring, guide rod, barrel and ten round magazine.  Adjustable target sights are included on the slide.  The kits come in a hard plastic carrying case for storage and transport to the range.

A second kit is also available from SIG.  The second kit is nearly identical to the standard kit, but comes with a threaded barrel.  This allows the shooter to add a variety of muzzle attachments including sound suppressors.  The kit includes a thread protector for use when a suppressor or other device is not attached to the barrel.

From the feedback I have gotten on these kits, the number one complaint I have hears is that with the conversion kit, the slide will not lock to the rear after firing the last shot.  For anyone doing training – be it for self defense or sport – practicing reloads is an important part of the training regimen.  Having the slide lock back on an empty mag would be a very good upgrade to these kits so reload drills can be practiced.

SIG Sauer 22 conversion kit

Like any .22 LR gun, the SIG pistols equipped with the conversion kits can be unreliable with some loads.  That is just the nature of the .22 LR round, I am afraid.

MSRP is $285.00 for the standard conversion kit.  If you want the kit with a threaded barrel, the suggested retail bumps up to $320.00.  Checking around online, Brownells offers the kits at MSRP and above.  MidwayUSA has a better deal with the non-threaded barrel kits going for $249.00.  There are no threaded barrel kits listed at Midway.

SIG 22 Conversion Kit for P229 Video

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