Rock River Arms LAR-15 Elite Comp: A Top Notch AR-15 Variant With Some Great Features Out Of The Box

Rock River Arms LAR-15 Elite Comp

Rock River Arms has introduced a new AR-15 variant: the LAR-15 Elite Comp. Guaranteed to shoot 1.5″ MOA, the Elite Comp features a number of very nice features, typically seen only on nicely upgraded AR rifles.

Chambered in 5.56 NATO (.223 Remington), the LAR-15 Elite Comp has a forged A4 upper with a 16″ chrome-lined barrel with a 1:9″ twist. The threaded barrel features a RRA Tactical Muzzle Brake standard.

Sighting is handled by the combination of a flip front sight gas block assembly and a PADS flip rear sight.

The trigger is a two-stage match trigger in a winter trigger guard. The front end features a RRA half-quad, free-float mid-length rail system. The pistol grip is an Ergo SureGrip.

The buttstock is my favorite: the Magpul CTR stock. The Magpul is fully adjustable, feels very good when the rifle is mounted, and is designed in such a way as to prevent any inadvertent adjustment of the length.

I currently have a LAR-15 from Rock River Arms that I bought before they announced the Elite Comp. On my LAR-15, I installed the Magpul buttstock, the front flip up sight/gas block, rear flip up sight, and the SureGrip. All totaled, I paid more than what Rock River is asking for the Elite Comp.  So, I think the rifle package is a very good deal.  Also, my Rock River has run pretty well.  I don’t know who makes the “best” AR-15, but these Rock River rifles seem to be well built.

The LAR-15 Elite Comp ships with only one magazine. I would expect at least two magazines at this price point, but fortunately new magazines are relatively inexpensive.  You can pick up Magpul PMAGs for less than $15 for example.

MSRP is listed at $1470, and advertised prices start very close to this number. Dealers are accepting orders now, and the Elite Comp is due to ship in the third quarter of 2008.

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  • John G

    I ordered this Rifle. Great price and the extras are good. I have just been waiting 3 months now for the factory to ship it.

  • Chris G

    I just bought one in July and it is nice. Came with ARMS 40L flip up and a GGG quick detech with an EO Tech 511D. 1600. It is my first ar and I am excited.

  • JQA

    I just bought this model @ “the nation’s gun show” in the d.c. area in the midst of this pre-inauguration hysteria. There was only 1 dealer w/ RRA’s, and I ended up paying 1500 even. Came back the next day and they were selling the same model for 1850! I’m wishing I bought earlier though…

  • Lauren

    I am looking to purchase the RRA Elite Comp .223 – I have looked on-line and found that it is about 1,400$ – does anyone know of a dealer that sells is for less or one that offers a military discount?

  • admin


    The way AR’s are flying off the shelves right now, $1400 is a good deal for the Elite Comp. As JQA mentioned in his post, he dropped $1500 for his. Supply on these is way down and demand has skyrocketed. If you have to buy now, you are paying a premium.

    Good luck!

  • Brian

    I noticed they advertise 1.5 MOA for the Elite Comp and 1.0 for the Mid-Length A2/A4 – anyone know why there is a difference?

  • Steve

    Don’t concern yourself with the 1.5 vs 1.0 MOA because any of the RRAs will most likely outshoot your abilities (I only say that because you would have known the above if your were more versed in this). The mid-length most likely comes without a chrome lined barrel hence, the 1.o MOA. Regardless, you can’t go wrong either way. Enjoy your toy~

  • Brian

    Thanks for the feedback (you must be an expert shot because you know the answer). Perhaps rather than tell me how I shouldn’t worry about the MOA you could educate me as to why the chrome barrel will increase the MOA. Not trying to be a jerk but it seems all to often folks want to type out condescending messages rather than help educate some of us who don’t know all the answers. How does a chrome lined barrel affect the round such that the MOA increases? Thanks.

  • Z

    Brian, actually the Elite comp comes standard with the chrome lined barrel, which some say decreases accuracy, hence the 1.5 MOA. I’m not sure what it is about the chrome lining that affects the ballistics, but the upside is a decrease in maintenance requirements.

  • Brian

    Thanks. I’ve got one on order, hope to see it soon. I appreciate the words.

  • KC

    chrome barrel actually decreases the accuracy , what it does is increase durability. Its my thought that since a Chrome lined barrel is an extra 40 bucks I think thats why its advertised as 1.0 MOA The standard model thats pictured is not lined
    its just Chromoly Steel ONLY.

    I agree u dont have to be a jerk to the guy,

  • KC

    Everyone do your Rock a favor add the Bushmaster Gas Piston it runs like a dream,
    It allows a much wider variety of ammo , comp to the old

  • Ben

    I just got my RRA elite comp two days ago. I ordered it in november and got it at the end of feb. I paid 1260. but I upgraded to the mil spec charge handle and I got the hogue grip instead of the ergo. When I ordered they said they were on a long wait for the pads flip rear sight, so, I exchanged it for the arms 40 rear flip sight. I havn’t shot it yet but I cant wait..I am wondering what accesories would be best on the quad rail..any suggestions?

  • Ben

    i just shot my elite comp for the first time and SOB is LOUD!! but its a great gun!!

  • Steve

    Been waiting 2 months for my Elite Comp. Only 4-6 more to go! Good things are worth the wait.

  • Bill

    Ben: (#13) If you haven’t already purchased optics for your elite comp, get a VORTEX RED DOT with high mount. True co-witnessing and indestructible-great sight for great gun. With my handloads, I get .5MOA. 60grain TAP Hornady 2nd best at about .75 to 1MOA using the bi-pod.


  • Ben

    Hey guys, just checking back in. I have put about 800 rounds through my elite comp now and man this gun is awesome, not one time has the gun stalled or misfired. I went 7 out of 10 on headshots from 300 yards away with iron sights. I haven’t ordered any accessories yet. I have noticed when looking at other AR’s in the stores that mine seems a little heavy due to the aluminum half quad rail. Should I be consernd?> I guess Im really not going on patrol anytime soon.

  • Richard


    Thanks for checking back in and letting us know how it is working out. I really appreciate the range report!


  • Richie

    Richie from southern Michigan. I have been looking to replace ar-15’s I use to have before Clinton pulled my license way back. I wasn’t told I could keep all my guns, so I sold most of my inventory–made money but lost some real history.

    What is the feeling between the Rock River Elite and a model similar in the Colt lineup. Colt has always carried a high profile with me, I don’t know much about Rock River.