The Survival Podcast

Hi.  My name is Richard and I am a podcast addict.

Two years ago, my wife bought me an iPod and I discovered podcasts.  Gun podcasts to start with, followed by tech and humor podcasts.  Then I discovered Glenn Beck’s show is available as a podcast.  I could find almost anything I wanted as a podcast.  Recently I discovered The Survival Podcast.

The Survival Podcast is not strictly a firearms podcast.  However, the podcast does cover a lot of topics of concern to gun owners and has frequent shows about firearms.

The concept of the Survival Podcast is “Helping you live the life you want if times get tough, or even if they don’t.”  To that end, topics on independent living through getting rid of debt, alternative energy, understanding the economy, gardening, hunting, firearms, and emergency preparedness are all covered.

Unlike some surivalist-types that are hunkered down in a bunker waiting for “the big one,” the podcaster, Jack, is a real guy with a real job who has set out to provide a better life for his family by becoming more independent and taking responsibility for their safety and survival.

The podcast is published almost every weekday, as it is recorded in the car during a long commute.  There is background noise, but it is not awful.   Jack is very animated and keeps listeners engaged.  Frankly, some of the topics he has covered I never would have listened to if it had not been for his style and mannerisms drawing me into the conversation.

The Survival Podcast also has a very active forums section that is really worth checking out.  There are a lot of great ideas and conversations going on.

The Survival Podcast is completely free and worth checking out.

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