Smith and Wesson M&P Continues to Increase Law Enforcement Marketshare

S&W M&P9 PRO Series

Smith and Wesson continues to sell significant numbers of M&P pistols and rifles to law enforcement.

Most recently, Smith and Wesson announced M&P15 (the S&W AR-15) sales to the Chicago Police Department and the Minnesota State Patrol.  275 M&P15 rifles were shipped to CPD and another 90 went out to MSP.

Smith and Wesson M&P15R

Smith also announced they shipped 7500 M&P9 pistols to the US military for distribution to the Iraqi military and security forces. One wonders if this exposure to the M&P will influence the military’s future decisions regarding replacement of the M9 pistol.

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  1. I am interested in a 300 Whisper. I looked at the S&W M&P. I considered it, but then I remembered the lousy customer service that I have received from S&W in the past. I have decided to purchase something else. What happens if there is problems with this rifle, like there was with the Sigma pistols? I am currently stuck with a broken Sigma. Smith says they no longer make the parts I need.

    • Albert,

      What parts do you need for a Sigma? The guns are still being manufactured by S&W. In fact, they are selling a boatload of them according to their most recent shareholder meeting.


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