Ruger’s New Revolver: Hammerless, Polymer?

Ruger Revolver 2009 SHOT Show Rumor


UPDATE:  The Ruger LCR is real and was available for shooting at the 2009 Media Day at the Range.  I’ve got a first review of the Ruger LCR with my impressions of the gun here.

Click here for more information on the entire line of Ruger LCR revolvers.


I just had someone send me a photo of a revolver that appears to be a hammerless Ruger that is unlike anything I have ever seen them make.  Frankly, it is unlike anything I have seen anyone make.  Sure, it is identifiable as a revolver, but definitely different.

I do not have confirmation that this is the “Show Stopper” that I talked about before, but I am guess that it is.  This new revolver is unique in construction and, it even looks as if it may have polymer parts!  I’m not sure anyone has used significant amounts of polymer in a revolver design before.  If this new gun is using a polymer frame, it might be a first.

Polymer framed guns are not anything new, of course, but they have to overcome certain challenges not found in semi-automatic pistols.  For example, the flame escaping in the cylinder gap – does it cut through or melt a polymer frame?  Looking closely at the photos, it appears this new gun might use a partial metal frame that is attached to a polymer grip assembly.  Presuming the polymer can hold onto the metal, the gun should hold up very well.

The ergonomics clearly look like a gun designed for CCW.  In fact, it looks like it is very thin!  It is impossible to tell from a two-dimensional photo, but it appears the cylinder has only four chambers, suggesting that emphasis was placed on making this a very slim gun.  Also, the design is hammerless and the edges appear to be rounded.

Ruger Revolver 2009 SHOT Show Rumor

Ruger four chambered revolver at 2009 SHOT Show

Keep in mind that this is not from an official Ruger press release.  It may turn out to be a hoax.  But we will be at the SHOT Show, so we will bring you the latest information when we get there.

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