An Observation at the Ruger Booth

It seemed that several gun manufacturers were launching pistols to compete with the Ruger LCP.  But, it may be that the Ruger LCR was the LCP’s biggest competitor.  I watched the Ruger exhibit for a while, and the LCR area was always busy.  The LCP display, on the other hand, was all but a ghost town.

The LCR area:

Ruger LCR booth

The LCP area:

Ruger LCP display

Click here for more information on the entire line of Ruger LCR revolvers.

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  1. I wonder if Ruger’s problems with their lcp and SR9 will effect customer confidence when buying lcr.

  2. Frankly, I think the 2010 Friends of the NRA “Guns of the Year” package should be a special matching serial series of an LCP and LCR in a black water tight tactical case.


    It can have a logo with LCP in red and the LCR underneath it in white.

  3. Gothchick says:

    Being that Ruger copied the Keltec verbatim, LCPs have the same problems as Keltec did when they first came out. Broken firing pins, slide catches, etc… And even with the refinements and evolution of Keltec, they still aren’t good guns. Nothing I would trust my life behind anyway. NAA Guardian, Seecamp, Colt Mustang, or Sig P238 are the way to go IMHO.

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