5.11 Casual Belt Review: Quality Gun Belt at Reasonable Price

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Looking for a quality gun belt for concealed carry, but don’t want to spend a fortune?  5.11 may have just what you are looking for.

Available in brown and black, the 5.11 Leather Casual Belt offers a sturdy platform to attach your holster to, while keeping a casual or dress-down appearance.  The 5.11 belt has a simple, yet attractive buckle, and the leather looks good.  Most importantly, it has a stiff, reinforced piece that runs on the inside of the entire belt that makes this an excellent belt for concealed carry.

I purchased my 5.11 Leather Casual Belt three months ago and have been very pleased.  It looks good with jeans, cargo shorts, or Dockers-style pants. The best part is, it has carried all of my handguns in a wide variety of holsters very well.  The 5.11 belt doesn’t shift around, rather, it anchors the holster right where you want it.

The 5.11 belt has a small pocket on the inside of it that can hold a handcuff key or something else that is very small.  I don’t know if this will be of value to many people, but it does not interfere with the belt’s normal use.

I have used my 5.11 belt daily for three months and it has very little wear.  The leather still has it’s original finish, and it looks almost as good as when I bought it.  I highly recommend you consider a 5.11 Leather Casual Belt if you do not already have a quality gun belt.  It works well, looks good, and is reasonably priced.

2013 Update – It has been several years since I bought my first 5.11 gun belt.  Since that time, I have purchased several more and use them regularly.  For a casual or semi-dress belt, these work very well.  They do a very good job of holding a gun in place and keeping your pants up.  The prices tend to be affordable.  I highly recommend these belts if the style fits with your needs.

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    I bought a Wilderness Tactical not too long ago and love it. But got a free 5.11 belt when I order some 5.11 pants from LA Police Gear. The belt is a good quality belt and fits the bill as well as my Wilderness Tactical.