The Taurus Judge Goes Tactical

Taurus Judge Tactical

Playing off the success of earlier Judge revolvers, Taurus introduced the tactical Judge at the 2009 SHOT Show.  The Taurus 4510TKR-SSR and -BR offer a 3″ ported barrel Judge with a Picatinny rail for lasers and lights.

The new Judge chambers five .45 Colt cartridges or .410 (2.5″) shotshells.  Standard on both the blued and stainless models are the red fiber optic front sight, fixed rear notch, and the Taurus Ribber grips.

Taurus reps said “around $500″ for the retail price on this new Judge.

Taurus Judge tactical

The Taurus Judge SSR Ported has a yoke detent and the famous Ribber Grip that is supposed to absorb more recoil than other kinds of polymer stocks.  The ported barrel is supposed to reduce felt recoil when shooting this gun.

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  1. Juan Paredes says:

    Well Well Well,this is a feaking awesome look for The Judge. I’ve been looking for a Judge for a good while now and once I saw this edition, I haven’t looked at any other. The only problem is I havent been able to locate a dealer with this edition. Is this model not in production or was it just a prototype?

    Thank You!!

  2. What the best holster for the tactical judge ?

  3. For outside the hip, Blackhawk’s Serpa holster is fantastic. You can modify the cant of the weapon to fit your draw style and the button design keeps the weapon snug until you’re ready to go. As long as you don’t plan on running a laser or tac light, this is the way to go. For concealed on the other hand I sport an uncle mikes. Not the most comfortable carry but it works.

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