The Colt Combat Elite Returns

Colt has brought back the Combat Elite.  Announced at the 2009 SHOT Show and now listed in the ’09 Colt catalog, the Combat Elite is a very nice looking and feeling 1911-platform gun chambered in the venerable .45 ACP.

Colt Combat Elite 1911 .45 ACP pistol

The floor sample at the SHOT Show had excellent craftsmanship, and unlike the Delta Elite at the same show, had no cosmetic blemishes.

Colt Combat Elite 1911 .45 ACP pistol slide close-up

Colt lists the following features for the Combat Elite:

  • front and rear slide serrations
  • three-dot sights, Novak rear
  • skeletonzised, three hole trigger
  • combat hammer with elongated slot
  • 8+1 capacity
  • 1/2 checkered, 1/2 smooth rosewood grips
  • Smith& Alexander upswept beavertail palmswell safety
  • the Colt single side tactical thumb safety
  • two-tone finish
  • national match barrel
  • stainless steel frame
  • carbon steel slide

Colt Combat Elite 1911 .45 ACP pistol

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  1. Was there any mention of an MSRP?

  2. Awesome find. I would also like to know of a mention of a MSRP.

  3. Sorry I left that out. The Colt rep said “around $1000.” I didn’t get the impression that he really knew. But this was not limited to Colt. I also dealt with several reps at the Taurus exhibit who didn’t seem to have any hard numbers either. While I know the dealer prices are flexible, I figured they would have had MSRP nailed down.

  4. You would think that companies would train their sales reps before they send them into the battlefield? I guess I’m just use to the Army Way! I will write a post on my blog about this article for sure!


  5. I have one last year it was a limited production out of the custom shop. Great Gun

  6. Monroe Nevels says:

    I have a Combat Elite, and have really enjoyed shooting it. Used a Colt.] 45 years ago in the Marines, and this one really brings back good memories. Quite accurate too!

  7. Major David Holland says:

    I retired from the US Army Criminal Investigation Command on Oct 1, 1974. 20 plus years as a line Military Policeman/Supervisor and Accreditted Criminal Investigator. During those 20 years of service I was trained with a Colt full size 45 caliber and Colt Detective Special. The 45 was my choice of carry. When I retired from the military I took a Police Major position as Commander of the Criminal Investigation Division, Athens Georgia Police Department, Athens, Georgia. I was initially issued a S & W 38 caliber but requested to carry my Colt Commander 45. My request was granted and this weapon continued to be my choice of carry for the next 20 years. When I had to go thru bad doors while on duty I felt very comfortable with the Colt 45, locked and cocked.I have since retired and my Colt 45 is ever close by.

  8. I purchased My Colt 45 Cobat Elite about 6 months ago, after looking high and low all over the US for one. Price varied from gunshop to gunshop, but I finally found one and paid $1100 for it. Prices varied from $1000 to $1300, but the ones who advertised the cheaper price were of course out of them, and had no idea whatsoever when they would be getting more in from Colt!

  9. bought mine just today for $960 dollars.Nice looking gun though

  10. I bought one this past Tuesday for $899.00 plus tax.

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