Taurus Protector Polymer: a Polymer Revolver


Taurus introduced a polymer revolver in .38 Special at the 2010 SHOT Show.  The “Polymer Protector” is a revolver with a polymer frame and blued steel cylinder and barrel insert.  The new Taurus revolver only weighs 18.2 ounces and is rated for +P ammunition.

Streamlined for concealed carry, the hammer is shrouded, but can still be cocked for a single action shot.  The grips are polymer, but are wood colored, and actually look good in person.

The front sight is a red fiber optic sight, and the rear is a notch.  The barrel is 2.5″ long.

I was very impressed with the way this revolver felt in my hand.  It was lightweight and pointed naturally for me.  I would prefer a DA-only version, but I am still impressed by what Taurus was showing.  I look forward to getting one of these onto the range.


Taurus Protector Specifications

  • caliber:  .38 Special +P
  • barrel length:  2.5″
  • weight:  18.2 ounces
  • frame:  polymer
  • trigger:  DA/SA



The original Taurus Protector Polymer has been replaced with a new revolver that ups the ante to .357 Magnum.  The new gun looks very similar to the original, but it is beefed up.

The new version of the Protector weighs a little more at 19.75 ounces.  The barrel length is now 2″ long.  The front sight maintains a fiber optic sight with a notch rear.

The gun keeps the partially shrouded hammer, which can still be cocked for single action shots.  As I’ve said before, I prefer a DAO (double-action-only) trigger on small revolvers for self-defense, but this is not a bad way of handling things.

The original wood-look grips have been replaced by more aggressive rubber grips which should help a shooter hang onto the gun and cushion the recoil from the Magnum rounds.  Of course, many people will prefer to shoot .38 Special from the gun instead of the full-bore Magnum loads.

Specifications for the New Taurus Protector

  • Taurus model # 605PLYSS2
  • caliber:  .357 Magnum
  • capacity:  five rounds
  • barrel length:  2″
  • weight (unloaded):  19.75 ounces
  • trigger:  double-action/single-action
  • MSRP:  $475.00
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  • Rob Jennings

    Looks great!! Any idea on sug.retail and when this little guy might be available? The Ruger LCR is all but unavailable in this (N. Wis) area, but I think I’d be happier with the Taurus anyway!

    • Matt

      Oh man, if I were torn, trying to decide between a Taurus and a Ruger I’d feel like a real chump if I didn’t choose the Ruger.

  • Governor

    What did Taurus say about when it would hit the market, and at what price?

  • http://www.RadiationAngels.com James Daniel Ross

    My sources say MSRP will be $445.00 Release in late 3rd Quarter, which means Octoberish.

  • http://andrikyrychok.wordpress.com/ Andri Kyrychok

    Amazing polymer to handle +P ammo! Wonders of tech

  • http://www.RadiationAngels.com James Daniel Ross

    I just hope there isn’t a problem with frame cutting like on the early alloy framed revolvers.

  • Matthew

    I feel like this will be another taurus abortion revolver. I wouldn’t trust an 85 with +P ammo, so this polymer framed thing could possible be a lawsuit waiting to happen. i’ve seen too many taurus’ come back for problems.. this shouldnt be any different.

  • Ted

    Polymer framed Firearms have been able to handle +p and +p+ ammunition for a long time now. Pretty cool gun though.

  • Bradysdad

    Study the pictures. Just like the Ruger LCR, all fire control parts [cylinder and barrel included] are steel. Polymer is mearly the surrounding package. Just like a Glock or any other “polymer” pistol, the real parts are metal.

  • Justin McAlpine

    Awesome. Wish I wasn’t Canadian when I see stuff like this.

  • Pistol Pat

    This little revolver looks awesome compared to the other polymer revolvers I saw on the web.

  • revolver_guy

    What happened to Taurus’ .38 +P Poly Protector?

  • revolver_guy

    Does anyone know what happened to the Taurus .38 +P poly revolver? It doesn’t appear in the 2010 Taurus catalogue, but earlier in the year it was on their website as “What’s new for 2010.”

    Was production cancelled? or?????

  • http://www.GunsHolstersAndGear.com Richard

    Nope, not canceled. Due out later in the year. Taurus normally announces at SHOT and delivers 3-9 months later. Some products don’t make it into production, but my understanding is that this one will hit the dealer shelves later this year.


  • revolver_guy

    Thanks, Richard.

  • Josh

    Does anybody have any idea if Taurus will make this model available in 357 in the future? Or is the 357 too much for a polymer pistol? I love the gun, but would love it more with a 357 option. That way my wife could practice with 38’s and jump up to 357’s when she needs to.

  • J

    Josh: If this thing can handle +P .38s weighs about the same as the Ruger LCR in its .357 Magnum variety, so I would not say that it is inherently impossible for it to someday be made in a .357 variety just because of the polymer. It might increase in weight somewhat, but your hand would be glad of that if it were moving .357s :)

  • zoktoberfest

    The next Polymer Protector model should be offered in the fabulous .327 Federal magnum. 6 rounds of said ammo would be as good as it gets for this CC gun. Higher velocity, with less recoil; what’s not to like? With that said, the .327 Fed Mag is harder to come by at a good price. I would mainly shoot cheaper and more common .32 sporting ammo and keep the .327 Feds for defensive ready purposes.
    Hopefully the ammo situation will improve with more fire arm offerings. BTW, my buddy has the Ruger SP 101 in .327. A marriage made in heaven. Plenty of fire power, easy recoil. Fast follow up shots. Obviously, I’m a fan of this round.

  • zoktoberfest

    Any word on a release date? This year? I’ve shot Ruger’s masterpiece, the LCR, and Taurus will have to do many things right to compete. Ruger has set the standard for double action trigger feel and performance. Hopefully, Taurus understands this. On paper, I like the set-up and look of the PP better, BUT if the trigger and overall feel is not up to the LCR, I’d pass in a hreartbeat, and go with the established, indusry standard. Looks mean absolutely nothing, when that situation, you hoped would never happen, happens, and you find yourself reaching for the weapon. Feel and performance mean everything.

    • http://www.GunsHolstersAndGear.com Richard


      No idea on the release date. Hopefully soon.

      I agree with you about the .327 Federal Magnum. I know a lot of folks say the .327 is an answer looking for a problem, but I think the cartridge has a lot of potential. The old .32 H&R Mag never excited me, but the .327 is really smoking.


  • ZLOCO1

    I have the Taurus Protector Poly. I have shot 357 shells out of it with no problem at all. I keep it loaded with 38s thpough because that is al I really need. But it is fun to blow things up with the 357 shells.


    Immediately loved the feel of this little gun in my hand. Can’t wait to get to the shooting range with it.