Kel-Tec PMR-30 in .22 Magnum


Kel-Tec had the new PMR-30 on display at the 2010 SHOT Show.  The PMR-30 is a pistol designed around the .22 WMR (aka .22 Magnum) cartridge.  The double stack magazine holds 30 rounds of the mighty rimfire, hence the “-30” designator in the name.

Kel-Tec was not at the range for Media Day, so we did not have a chance to shoot this new pistol.  However, I did get a chance to play with it at the Show.  There were things I liked, and disliked, about the gun.

The Kel-Tec PMR-30 was lightweight (only 13.6 ounces) and had many of the features shooters tend to prefer such as an accessory rail and a frame mounted safety (sweep down to fire.)  I liked the fiber optic sights, which had a green front and red rear.  The sights were easy to see, and the contrasting colors made for a nice sight picture.

The gun is relatively flat, which would make for easier concealing if the .22 WMR was your choice for self defense.  Kel-Tec states the 4.3″ barrel will yield 1230 fps with a 40 grain bullet.  Not ideal in my estimation, but 30 rounds of WMR is much better than a sharp, pointy stick.

What I did not like about the PMR-30 was how it felt in my hand.  As I stated, it is fairly flat, but it is also abnormally long in the grip.  Different people will perceive the grip in different ways, but it was not comfortable to me.

MSRP is $415 and Kel-Tec states they expect to start shipping in the second quarter of 2010.  At a street price of just under $400, I imagine Kel-Tec will sell a boatload of these little pistols.  Though I don’t like the way it feels in my hand, I can’t deny that Kel-Tec makes a good gun for a great price.  The PMR-30 may start a run on .22 WMR much like the LCP caused a run on .380 ACP.  I just wonder if any of the “big boys” will have a full-sized .22 WMR pistol at the 2011 SHOT Show.

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  • NatefromOgden

    I admit to being a Kel-Tec fanboy- I have 3 right now, want a SUU-16 badly and sold off another to buy one I still have- so I like their guns. But that new pistol is cobbleass ugly!

    Maybe after I get a SUU-16…

  • mike bo bauer

    I have a deposit on this baby and simply cannot wait for all the goodies and accessoried that are sure to pop up. I thnk it is brilliant and far over due. Hurry thr F UP!

  • Brian

    Hopefully they’ll do a .17 hmr version

  • don

    this is a cool gun but ive lost faith in kel tec,i paid in full for a sub 2000 that would accept glock clips and after six months of waiting it never came in,so i bought a differant brand gun instead,i made several calls to kel tec but they where flat out rude.

  • frank


    Maybe it was because you were calling them “clips”?

  • Wolf

    I would like to see more ballistic stats for the .22WMR when fired from the new Kel-Tec PMR30. Also I would appreciate seeing the different available grain loads (if any) offered by various Ammo producers.

    Thanks, I appreciate the opportunity to ask the questions.


  • Steve

    I have the SU 16 (b)as a backup survival rifle. Fits easily in a backpack. I carry large and heavy magnums for defense up here in Alaska, but I think the PMR 30 in 22 magnum would make a really nice “Trail Gun” up here. I usually pack a little Ruger Single Six in 22 magnum for plinking Arctic Hares, Ptarmigan and Grouse.

  • Matt

    I’ve been very pleased with Kel-Tec in the past and will be watching this gun closely. I was lucky enough to come across a sub2k with glock handle, and hope these are easier to come by.

  • Dan

    Kel-Tec disappointed me with the cheap barrel and feel of their first run of the SU16, but after shooting the ever-loving shit out of it I was hooked. And now…30 rounds of higher powered plinking(compared to your average 22lr). I can’t wait to get one and head out to the range.

  • Jack Swanson

    I think the gun is neat. Could you send me some more info on the gun,especialy the height.I am curious how you get 30 rounds in it

  • Gary

    The last I’ve heard, I won’t see my PMR-30 until sometime in July and I’m getting anxious.

    Has anyone run across a holster source for this pistol yet?

    • Tre’

      Check out gunblast’s pmr-30 vids on youtube. Optics and accesory compatible from the looks of it too

  • Jon

    Some years back I owned a Grendel P 30 made by Grendel Arms (30 rounds of 22mag) Grendel was bought out by Kel-Tec . this gun is a rework of grendels original design,with some updating and a few notable improvements, 1. better sights 2. the grendel had feeding problems with anything but winchester ball powder ammo. they claim that this gun will seamlessly fire any 22mag ammo,That’s great news if true……….

  • clint

    look man 22 mag is a very capable round i like the 30 grain v max from cci & hornady shoot them in my rifle they advertise 2200 fps chronod theyre little more than that in a 20 inch barrell now i no there gonna be a little slower in the pmr 30 but its ballistics is comparable to a 9mm pistol so why not carry a ultra light 30 round capacity pistol well im waiting impatiently for mine and kel tec makes the guns when they get a big order then they make them thats why it takes so long

  • Ernesto

    There are dual chambered clips, they are alternating when they feed so that is how they get 30 rounds and you could have one more in the chamber. I like this gun and was going to buy a used one since I’m on a budget but the price on this makes it worth geting for alot more firepower in a small package for a little more mula.

  • Steve

    Dear Ernesto – have you been able to find this gun? I have yet to see one for sale.

  • j d green

    Buds gun shop auctioned one off a couple weeks ago.
    Brought in excess of MSRP.


  • Gary

    Clint, I’m actually going in the other direction in regards to ammo for my PMR-30 when I finally get it.

    The .22WMR was designed as a rifle cartridge. In a pistol this round produces it’s share of flash and much of it’s potential is lost.

    I have a stack of various .22wmr I want to try out when I get my pistol. I have the lightweight 30 and 32 grain rounds. I have the mid-range 40 grain rounds. But I’m banking on the banking on the Federal 50 grain round to slow things down a bit and transfer more of that potential energy down range.

    I’m hoping at some point some will develop a .22wmr cartridge for a pistol with a faster burning propellant.

  • Richard Dappen

    I am one of the fortunate few to have been able to purchase this awesome weapon. I have only put a hundred or so rounds thru it but it is a great gun. It’s accurate, fits my hand to a tee and not a single misfire. Can’t wait to try it out hunting.

  • aaron

    I picked one up in Tucson at Diamondback.They have had only one other in.I cleaned it up with Aero kroil/ Hoppes 9 half and half. Lightly oiled. The pmr 30 has a nice feel in the hand. It is the lightest gun i have. Shot 15 rnds cci maxi mag. At 30 ft it was very accurate. I will put a green laser on it and have some real fun. Loading the mag was no problem just tapping the back and pushing the round to one side and the other when they get hung up in the middle.

  • Jeff

    I’ve had one for 2 months. I absolutely love it! The grip is a little large but once you get used to it it’s fine. Kel-Tec is very specific with thier suggested ammo choices, including specifying american made only but I have run EVERY kind of ammo I can get my hands on to try them out and they’ve all worked flawlessly. The non american stuff tends to be dirtier but works fine. Have put around 1600 rounds through it and the only problems have been, the last few rounds are hard to load in the mag and slightly dent the brass on the way in but they still fire and for plinking I just load half a box(25)in each mag, and occasionally the last round of the mag doesn’t feed but if you can’t take a target down with 29 rounds maybe a pistol’s not your best choice for a weapon. I LOVE IT!!!

    • Tre’

      You try any of that V-max hornady stuff? I’ve heard it can be unreliable but im really hoping not.

  • Randy

    Glad to hear good reviews on the pmr 30. As for having to wait on shippment of these, check different sources. I found a shop that ussually gets them in about a month.

    • James Minnick

      Where did you find the shop that gets the KEL-TEC PMR30 22WMR in about a month? I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to find one thats not like $600, any help would be greatly appreciated..

  • MIKE

    I think they have a winner with this pistol if it cycles reliably. While the 22 mag would not be my first choice in a gunfight, 44 mag or 12 gauge. I surely would not want to be on the receiving end of a bullet that produces around 300 plus pounds of energy at the muzzle from a 22 mag rifle. About the equivalent to the 9mm Luger. I would use it for hunting and target shooting. With its light weight of around 14 ounces loaded, I might forget that I am toting it. What can I say, I want one. It is all about accurate shooting and the shooter and not the caliber. My Paw in Law killed several deer with a 22 mag.

  • Ed

    Just received mine two weeks ago. Everything I hoped for and more. It cycles flawlessly, with over 500 rounds through it in one day. Loading the magazine took some getting used to though. Make sure and use the “window” and you will be fine. I think 25 to 28 rounds per mag is best for me, as it gets a little tough getting 30 in there but they do fit. It just takes more time to insert each one. It cuts into the shootin time. Field stripping and cleaning is a snap. Adjustable rear sights would be a nice addition….

  • Gary

    I’ve been waiting for over a year and a half for the PMR-30 that I ordered. What makes this wait all the more frustrating is nobody can give me a hint when this order might be filled.

    • Richard

      Yeah, I’d be annoyed also. Who did you order through? A local dealer?

  • Tim

    I bought my pmr 30 a couple of weeks ago, i cracked one of the mags first day out tapping it like the instructions said (i just shipped it back to them ad they said they would replace). shot 300 rounds through it the first day. I really like the accuracy, the feel in my hand which i had to get use to. But all in all a fine gun and it’s growing on me. I’ve never owned a kel-tec before, and this is a great shooter and will easily work in the hands of my 11 year old. I love the 30 round mags and this is a really fun gun to shoot!

  • larry

    this is gr8 pistol

  • John

    Purchased the PMR 30 and paid a premium price. The trigger is wonderful. Took some getting use to as I previously carried a smaller concealable gun. Took it to the range and I had to nearly fight my wife for it. She being a very small framed woman was not intimidated by the mild recoil. From 30 meters all rounds were within the a 12 inch plate size target. Cleaning was a breeze. I now have to wait for another to be shipped to the gun dealer if I want my own. I teach home defense and most people are intimidated by the recoil of a larger calibre weapon. I state to my students that you should shoot the largest calibre weapon that you are comfortable shooting. It is better to have a hit with a small calibre than a miss with a larger calibre. This pistol gives you 30 rounds so a magazine change is not going to be an issue in a stressful situation.