The Value of Human Life

Is all human life equally invaluable? Recently on the Gun Dudes podcast, James, a guest from the UK, stated (I’m paraphrasing) that shooting someone who was attacking your family was still wrong because all life is equally precious. Is it?

I firmly believe that all innocent life is equally priceless. However, a criminal who decides to attack someone else has knowingly decided to gamble with his own life. The criminal placed a bet, using his own life as the currency, that you will not be able to defend your family from his violent assault. If he loses that bet, he already knows his life is forfeit.

By placing this bet, the criminal has willingly placed a value upon the worth of his own life, a value far less than that of the priceless innocent life. By the criminal’s foolish gamble, he has demonstrated his life is worth a mere fraction of the law abiding citizen.

There is no moral higher ground associated with submitting to violence, and allowing criminals to harm you or your family. But to assert that all human life is equally valuable is a fallacy. By the criminal’s very act of gambling his life, he has assigned a very low value to his own existence.

The value of a criminal’s life is far less than that of my wife, children, and neighbors. I’m sure the equation works out the same at your home too.  Please sound off below – you don’t have to agree with me, and I’m sure some people will not.  Let us know what you think about this idea.

(Ed. note: The Gun Dudes are strongly in favor of using any reasonable force, including firearms, to defend the innocent from the criminals.  And switching their shoes in the aftermath.)

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