Gen 4 Glock 37 For Sale in September

The Gen 4 Glock 37 should be ready for sale in September according to industry sources.  The model 37 is the latest in the Glock line to receive the Gen 4 treatment that includes, among other things, and adjustable size grip.  Other Gen 4 Glock pistols already for sale or announced are the 17, 19, 22, 23, and 31.

The model 37 is chambered in .45 GAP, and has already been shipped to the troopers of the Florida Highway Patrol.  In January, at the 2010 SHOT Show, Randy Pitts, a Glock district manager, described the FHP pistols to me.  At that time, FHP was the only agency receiving the pistol and Pitts was unsure if the Gen 4 Glock 37 would be released to the public.

A full article on the Gen 4 Glock 37 sold to the Florida Highway Patrol is at the

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  1. I love the Glock 37 and the 45 G.A.P. I’m in the process of trading in all my Gen 3 glocks for the Gen 4 models. I just ordered the Gen 4 Glock 37 through my local law enforcement distributor. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. I now have the following Glock Gen 4 models 22, 23, 27, 35, & 17. Next on the list is the 19 and then maybe the 21 when it comes out this summer. Try the 45 G.A.P. I thought it was a stupid idea when it first came out but now after researchiing the round, I like it better then the 45 A.C.P. Only downside is the price and availability of the ammo.


    I, too, thought the 45 GAP was a waste of time….until the GA STATE PATROL gave back their 40’s and got 45 GAP pistols.

    Seems the 40 is NOT the darling of the police as once thought. It is not accurate, hard to control, rough on pistols and shooters. The 45 GAP is just superior in all regards.

    I, for one, was stunned by the GAP. Perhaps this is going to be a winner after all.

  3. I think it would be hard to argue that a .45 has a lot to offer any pistol shooter, officer, soldier, or sport shooter. But I disagree with Russell’s comments that the .40 is “NOT” the darling of police, or that the .40 is “not accurate, hard to control, rough on pistols and shooters.” The .40 is still a widely used pistol cartridge in the law enforcement community (perhaps the largest selection), though the .45 has been making inroads lately and the GAP could be a big reason for that. Perhaps the easy, “combat” effective feel and action of the Glock could be a big reason for that.

    My department switched from S&W .45 to Glock .40 pistols over 10 years ago. I have found the Glocks to be superior to the S&W for simplicity, weight, recoil, AND accuracy. Those of us on our Department who actually shoot our pistols more than once a year for qualifications can keep all of our rounds in the upper chest (lungs and heart) area of the target out to 25 yards. Doing that with the .45 was challenging to say the least. Maybe that was the gun (all steel), maybe the ammo – Federal Hydra-Shok, or maybe the shooter.

    As far as “rough on pistols and shooters” I’m not sure where that comes from. I’ve had a Glock 22 for over 10 years, and the only thing I’ve needed to replace were the night sights – from normal deterioration over time. I’ve easily put nearly 20,000 rounds through that pistol. Even with that many rounds I have yet to replace the barrel and it still shoots well. I also own a S&W 4006 (.40) and have had good accuracy with that pistol. No mechanical issues there either. And the .40’s are definitely easier on the shooter than a .45 ACP.

    The .40 provides a more manageable round than the .45 ACP, while giving far superior stopping power than a 9mm.

    I know that many officers have appreciated the easier control and ability at follow up shots that the .40 provides over the .45. Shooters trying rapid follow-up with the .45 ACP are really getting a beating. Perhaps a key deciding factor may be the double-action only of the Glock versus the double-single action of the S&W.

    I have yet to shoot the .45 GAP (ours was .45 ACP), and I’m impressed by what I read. I think the FLORIDA HIGHWAY PATROL also went .45 GAP. But I wouldn’t throw away my .40’s even if the .45 GAP becomes the “darling” of LE across the country.

  4. Aaron,

    According to a 2007 NIJ study on body armor I recently read, more than 70% of all US agencies issue or approve the .40 S&W for duty carry. So, yep…it is definitely popular in LE.


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