Bersa BP9CC

The recently released Bersa BP9CC was on prominent display at the 2012 SHOT Show.  The BP9cc is a single-stack 9mm pistol imported into the US by Eagle Imports.  This was the first chance I had to actually put hands on one, and I was very impressed.

Bersa BP9cc

The pistol felt very good in the hand: thin, but not so small my hands were searching for purchase.  For concealed carry, I think a medium-sized, single-stack 9mm pistol is a very good choice for balancing ease of carry and stopping power.  Less than an inch thick, but still holding 8+1 rounds with a 3.3″ barrel makes the Bersa a very nice compromise for CCW.

The trigger felt very nice when I dry fired the pistol at the Eagle Imports booth.  The trigger didn’t seem to stack or stage – just a smooth, consistent pull straight back.  The trigger pull felt slightly different than a normal double action trigger.  The best way I could describe it was that it felt like a switch instead of a long pull.  Considering some people call the trigger a “bang switch.”

I am working with Eagle Imports to get a T&E sample of the Bersa BP9CC for a full review.  I am really looking forward to getting this pistol out onto the range.  MSRP is only $429 for the matte black pistol, meaning this gun could be a fantastic bargain for CCW.

Bersa BP9cc

Bersa BP9cc

Bersa BP9cc

Update:  I had a chance to review this gun and wrote up the article here.  Bottom line:  the gun ran great and felt really good in the hand.  The accuracy was very good and the recoil was mild.  Read the review and see what all I had to say on it, but the spoiler is I really like the gun.  For the price, it is an exceptional carry piece.  If you have the chance to try one at the local range, it is worth the time to check the Bersa BP9CC out.

Bersa BP9cc

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  1. I’m interested in this one too. I had a Bersa Thunder 380 once upon a time, and it went bang every time. Fit and finish weren’t great, but it was reliable and decently accurate.

  2. Hey Richard,

    It looks like there is a manual safety on the slide, but on the right side instead of the left for easy thumb access. I thought it might be a left-handed version, but all the other controls are on the left side for a right-handed shooter. It also appears that the safety lever is missing – otherwise switching from “safe” to “fire” looks like it would be very difficult.

    Any clarification on that?

  3. I have the Bersa CP 9 CC I picked up last week. The only safety is on the right side of the slide and is operated by a key. I tried it out after the purchase and will probably never lock it again. There is no safety lever. I haven’t went through even 100 rounds yet but so far so good.

  4. I bought the BP9CC 2 weeks ago for $369.00 at a local gun show. I fired about 30 rounds through it yesterday for the first time. I was very impressed with the comfort and accuracy of this weapon. I like it so much better than any other 9mm I have ever owned. Highly recommended. With regards to cleaning, I did have a little difficulty in re-seating the take daown pin. Great choice for CCW.

  5. I bought the 2-Tone Bersa BP9cc after I felt the solid quality of the gun. Bersa has finally enter the world of polymer-framed pistols. The Bersa BP9cc comes with two magazines and a small plastic case. You go through the magazines fairly quick at the gun range so I would purchase a 3rd. Keep in mind that these magazines are still on the expensive side. I bought a third magazine for $42. I purchased my 2-tone Bersa BP9cc for $399. I was looking for a small concealed carry instead on my Sig Sauer P226. I looked at the Springfield XDS .45 mm which I really liked until I saw the out-the-door price of nearly $600. This Bersa fills the need perfectly and shoots very accurately. I know everyone will be impressed.

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