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The new Caracal pistols made a minor stir at the 2012 SHOT Show.  The guns felt good in the hand, and shot well at Media Day, but time will tell if they are as reliable as other polymer guns currently on the market.  (Update:  They apparently were not as reliable as other polymer guns on the market.  All Caracal pistols were recalled and no fix is available.  The company had to introduce replacement lines of firearms.)

Here are a few more photos of the guns from the Show:




Update – Caracal “Quick Sights” Photo

Yesterday, I posted photos of the new Caracal pistols that were at the 2012 SHOT Show.  Ron from When the Balloon Goes Up! sent me a photo of the “quick sights” that Caracal is offering as an option on their pistols.

The “quick sights” look like they would be less accurate due to the short sight radius, yet I found them to be surprisingly fast.  For close in encounters typical of self defense shootings, these may be an advantage.

Caracal quick sights

The rear sight in the Quick Sight System is moved forward of the ejection port, putting it in the same focal plane as the front sight. Photo courtesy of When the Balloon Goes Up!

Update – Caracal Video

My good friend Paul at the Safety Solutions Academy got his hands on one of the new Caracal 9mm pistols from the UAE.  He filmed a short video from the range of the first shots he put down range with it.  Shooting’s not supposed to be this much fun, is it?

If you need training, and we all do, make sure you check out Paul’s podcast here or on iTunes.  He does a lot of range training also, so take a look at his class schedule to see if something might fit for you.

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  • Pmedic605

    Eeeeh gads! That’s fugly!

  • Balloon Goes Up

    Did you get any photos of the speed sight?

    • Richard

      I did, but they were waaaay out of focus. I was surprised how quickly I was able to pick up the sights. Much better that I would have thought.

      • Brandon

        Yeah, the sights look terrible…