SIG SAUER, Inc. combines the ingenuity of SIG SAUER GmbH in Germany and Swiss Arms AG in Switzerland. Long known for producing superior firearms, SIG SAUER has announced that it will begin production of the SIG SAUER 551-A1 as the civilian version of the SG 551 that is currently being used by the Swiss Army.


SIG SAUER 551A1 – Short Barrel Rifle version

The SIG551-A1 is a semi-auto version of the SG 551 that is American-built. The rifle uses an adjustable gas piston to operate a rotating bolt. The 2-point gas piston system allows for a cleaner, cooler shooting rifle, and promises long service life with reliable operation.

The forearm, folding buttstock, and distinctive translucent curved magazine are genuine Swiss products that give the SIG551-A1 its unique and original appearance. The upper and lower receivers are finished in a grey hard coat anodized finish that is similar to the original SG 550-series rifles. This rifle also offers ambidextrous controls.

The SIG551-A1 is chambered in 5.56 mm NATO and uses the original Swiss polymer magazines. These magazines can be attached together with molded-in connection points for quicker reloads, and easier detachments.

SIG 551A1 sights

The top rail is an M1913 Picatinny style rail that allows the shooter their choice in optics. The rifle comes with a rotary diopter sight that is calibrated from CQB distances to 300 meters.

The SIG551-A1 has a 16” barrel with four grooves and a 1:7 rifling twist. The barrel is capped with the trademark 550-series flash suppressor.

SIG SAUER plans on releasing a short-barreled version from the factory SBR program in the near future.

SIG 551A1 flash hider

As is, the SIG551-A1 is marked to sell for $1856 in the Classic version, and $1989 in the SWAT version. The press release from SIG SAUER did not clarify the differences in the Classic and SWAT versions, but from the included photographs it appears the SWAT version will have a free-floating quad rail instead of the standard “classic” SIG fore grip. We’ll be seeking out the SIG booth at SHOT SHOW to find some answers.

SIG551-A1 Specs

  • Caliber 5.56X45mm NATO
  • Magazine Capacity 20/30 rounds
  • Trigger Pull 7.5 lb
  • Length Extended 36.1′′
  • Length Folded 26′′
  • Rifling Four groove, 1:7 twist
  • Barrel Length 16′′
  • Sight Radius 18′′
  • Sights Rotary diopter
  • Weight without Magazine 7lb
  • Operating System Gas piston, rotating bolt
  • Features Swiss folding stock, polymer forearm
  •  MSRP $1,856 Classic, $1,989 SWAT

SIG 551A1


SIG SAUER® Begins U.S. Production of Classic 550-Series Rifle
SIG551-A1TM brings the legendary firearm to the American market for first time in decades

Long sought after by American collectors, the Swiss Arms SG 550- series rifles have been a mainstay of European militaries for the past three decades. Now that same reliable operating system and distinct Swiss styling has once again returned to the American market with the introduction of the SIG551-A1 rifle.

“Without a doubt, the rifle we are most often asked about is the SG 550-series,” said Ron Cohen, SIG SAUER President and Chief Executive Officer. “There has always been a steady stream of requests asking us to manufacture the rifle domestically.”

The SIG551-A1 is a semi-automatic, American-built version of the SG 551 currently in service with the Swiss army. An adjustable gas piston operates a rotating bolt, giving long service life and reliable operation in the most unforgiving environments.

SIG 551A1

A genuine Swiss forearm, folding buttstock, and distinctively translucent curved magazine give the SIG551-A1 its original look. The upper and lower are done in a grey hard coat anodized finish, similar to the original SG 550-series in appearance.

Chambered in 5.56mm NATO, the SIG551-A1 uses original Swiss polymer magazines, which can be attached together with molded-in connection points. An M1913 Picatinny top rail allows the operator to mount any number of optics. Included is a rotary diopter sight, calibrated from CQB distances out to 300 meters.

The 16” barrel has four-groove, 1:7 twist rifling for exceptional accuracy and features the trademark 550- series flash suppressor. A two-position gas system keeps the SIG551-A1 operating, even in substandard environments.

SIG 551A1


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Aaron is a sergeant with a midwestern police department, where he serves as a trainer, supervisor and SWAT sniper. In addition to his broad tactical knowledge, Aaron is an experienced hunter using bow and both modern and blackpowder firearms.


  1. Sandy Montes says:

    I have have owned many weapons but the firearm that I carry and trust my life with is my Sig P239. I’m in the market for a new Rifle and I have my eye on your Sig551. Please let me know when it will become available in Florida

    • Thanks for the comments Sandy. If I remember correctly, the Sig reps. said that the Sig551A1 should be available by summer time. I would also be interested in seeing how much the market brings the MSRP down. I wouldn’t be surprised if the 551A1 can be had for around $1500, which brings it into the same price range as many of the higher end, piston, AR-15 models.

  2. Ajit Tawde says:

    Fantastic Weapon,But how can you bring this to India which is now biggest market in the world for licensed weapons and for the security forces in India……???????

    • Ajit,

      Sorry, but I have not knowledge of the import laws of India. However, according the to Sig Sauer website, they are already providing firearms for the Indian NSG and various police forces.

      Check out:

      If they’re already “in country” I would say that you should have a good chance of obtaining one, as long as your local laws allow it.

  3. looks alot like the AK 74U to me. I would hope it shoots as well as the AK to.

    • Chris,

      There are some similarities to the AK-74U. I’m sure that anything made by Sig will shoot well. You have to look long and hard to find complaints about how Sigs shoot.

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