New S&W M&P Handgun Coming in April

Smith & Wesson plans on announcing a new personal defense handgun for the US market at the 2012 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits. According to S&W’s 8-K quarterly filing, production of the new handgun is already underway. That suggests the guns will be shipping as soon as the announcement is made.

Smith & Wesson also released the above video teaser.  From the video, we can deduce that the gun will be aimed at the concealed carry market as the video hits on fears of criminal victimization and not “high speed, low drag” SWAT or military action.  Also note that the final frames show both the Smith & Wesson and M&P logos.

Something else that may be important from the video is the repeated use of the phrase “Shield Yourself.”  I presume that will tie into the marketing campaign, but how?  We will have to wait and see.

Smith & Wesson indicated there would be “new and exciting entries for [the] polymer pistol category” in a February 2012 PowerPoint presentation for investors.  The guns were designed to address concealed carry and “professional” needs.

What will be the new gun announced by S&W?  I have a number of ideas, but they are purely speculation.  My best bet is a thin, single stack 9mm pistol in the M&P line.  What I picture in my head is Kahr CW9-sized M&P.  Of course, they could also make the pistol in .40 S&W and .357 SIG plus throw in a variety of colors and manual safety options.

What do you think they are going to introduce?

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  1. Rivitman says:

    It will be a plastic something with an internal lock, that I won’t buy. In .410. With a stupid name.

  2. If they follow suit with Springfield Armory, I’d imagine a compact single-stack M&P 45 akin to the XDS.

    • I thought about that also. I have a feeling they will aim it as a “gun for everybody” and go 9mm because the .45 is perceived as being too powerful for some folks. (I don’t buy that, but marketing weenies with PowerPoint presentations think they can prove it.) But a compact .45 single stack would be a fun gun (and likely a good seller also).

  3. R S Morgan says:

    I’d guess a single-stack M&P compact in 9mm is the most likely new product, something to compete with the Beretta Nano, Kimber Solo and Ruger LC9. What I’m hoping for is that they simply create a “thin” MPc that retains realistic height and length dimensions and a good trigger rather than a 9mm version of the Bodyguard.


    • Heck yeah!!! I have a bodyguard 380 and love it. If they scaled that up to a 6 shot 9mm (like how Ruger scaled up the LCP to the LC9) I’d take that in a hearbeat!

  4. I think they will introduce a slightly larger version of the Bodyguard .380, a Bodyguard 9mm ala Sig’s entry p938.
    Hopefully they will have the laser screw “back out” fail issue fixed.


    Courtesy of Photoshop and based on the slide measurements of the M&P9c and the Ruger LCR. I hope it becomes reality.

  6. whoops. I Meant M&P9c vs LC9.

  7. R S Morgan says:

    I doubt the S&W would be able to reduce the fore-to-aft size of the grip by as much as is shown in Dan’s photo if they otherwise are holding with the M&P design. If they want to sit on the LC9 it would have to be built on a Bodyguard-based system, but that wouldn’t make sense as a product in the M&P line.


  8. Pmedic605 says:

    I’m sure it will be full of gimmicks and safeties.

    • What is it with the gun community and a dislike of safeties? I want to scream whenever I hear someone go on and on about “lawyer guns”. Some states require them. It’s cheaper and easier to tool a factory for one gun with a safety and a loaded chamber indicator that can be sold in all 50 states. Why do you think so many cars now just come CARB compliant from the factory? If a few safety features means a MA or CA legal CCW gun, than more people in MA and CA will want to CCW it and push for shall issue CCW in those states. Deriding safeties is the first way to loose the pro-CCW arguement in those kinds of states.

      • BJ,

        Safeties are an old school hold over from the 1911 days. Modern handguns do not need any kind of manual safety to be safe.

      • Pmedic605 says:

        “Deriding safeties …”? So you must think DA revolvers need safeties? Look at the .380 Bodyguard – it is DA – why does it also need a safety? Look at the “compliant” Kahr models with the safeties – once again, these are DA pistols, why do they need an additional, but unnecessary safety?

        Additional, but unnecessary, gizmos are just mechanical parts that can fail. I like my guns to be simple and reliable.

        • My point was: there are states that mandate safeties, for better or worse, that is the law. Making one gun that is 50 state compliant, even if it has added features some people don’t want, is what’s most economical. When the gun community turns on a company for making 50 state complaint guns, it shows a complete lack of political and economic understanding. You might as well be saying “I’m not a wuss, I dont’ need no stinking safety, screw the people in CA, MA, and etc that might want this gun, I should be able to get it how ever I want.” It’s a bad attitude for the gun community to have.

          • I could care less about other states mandate. I see S&W doesn’t force 10 round mags on everyone. Other gunmakers make compliant versions for states with more nanny-ish leanings.

            But in the end run, it doesn’t matter to me, since I have not, and will not buy any new Smith and Wesson (autos included) since the adoption of the internal lock. That was the ultimate cave in to the do-gooder crowd and the political hacks.

            “I should be able to get it how ever I want”. Jeez, sound like the consumer driving the market to me. And that is somehow bad?

          • Pmedic605 says:

            Big J,

            First, I live in MA – 18 miles from S&W.

            Second, there is no way to positively influence or rationalize with the anti-gunners. They want guns removed from society – period. Safeties and other compliance requirements are just an example of their ability to push the envelope and make acquiring firearms more difficult or more costly.

            S&W still makes a good revolver, and their 1911 is good quality too. The old 39 & 59 series pistols were top notch. They can keep the M&P and Bodyguard though.

  9. How about a 7.62×25, or 22TCM, 5.7×28, or 4.6
    No, probably just another 9mm

  10. My hopes are that this will be their new gun.

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