New S&W M&P Handgun Coming in April

Smith & Wesson plans on announcing a new personal defense handgun for the US market at the 2012 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits. According to S&W’s 8-K quarterly filing, production of the new handgun is already underway. That suggests the guns will be shipping as soon as the announcement is made.

Smith & Wesson also released the above video teaser.  From the video, we can deduce that the gun will be aimed at the concealed carry market as the video hits on fears of criminal victimization and not “high speed, low drag” SWAT or military action.  Also note that the final frames show both the Smith & Wesson and M&P logos.

Something else that may be important from the video is the repeated use of the phrase “Shield Yourself.”  I presume that will tie into the marketing campaign, but how?  We will have to wait and see.

Smith & Wesson indicated there would be “new and exciting entries for [the] polymer pistol category” in a February 2012 PowerPoint presentation for investors.  The guns were designed to address concealed carry and “professional” needs.

What will be the new gun announced by S&W?  I have a number of ideas, but they are purely speculation.  My best bet is a thin, single stack 9mm pistol in the M&P line.  What I picture in my head is Kahr CW9-sized M&P.  Of course, they could also make the pistol in .40 S&W and .357 SIG plus throw in a variety of colors and manual safety options.

What do you think they are going to introduce?

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