Arsenal AF2011-A1: Double Barrel 1911

In the greatest case of “Because we can” manufacturing, Arsenal Firearms introduced the AF2011-A1 pistol.  The AF2011-A1 is a double-barrel 1911 pistol complete with dual triggers and dual magazines.

Giving wide body new meaning, this gun spits two .45 bullets down range with each press of the dual triggers.  Dual ejection ports sling brass in opposite directions.

Major props to Arsenal for developing the gun.  I can’t imagine that working out the physics of this pistol was easy.  I’m certain more than just welding two 1911’s together takes place to make this a viable platform.

Arsenal AR2011-A1

However, I just don’t know how well a gun like this will sell.  Collectors and speculators will jump on this in a heartbeat.  But is there a niche large enough to support regular production of the AF2011-A1?  I don’t think there is, but I’ll happily admit I’m wrong if this gun becomes the next big thing.

For those not familiar, Arsenal Firearms is a relatively new country that is also making the Strike 1 pistol (a polymer handgun).  Arsenal Firearms is a group of companies based mostly in Europe.  The AF2011-A1 is being made in Italy.

The AF2011-A1 has many parts that are custom fabricated.  These include the slide, frame and grip safety.  However, there are many internal parts that are interchangeable with any other Colt 1911-A1 pistol parts.  This makes for slightly easier manufacturing, and also means that AF2011 owners can swap out a lot of parts for a custom gun.

New models including a long slide AF2011-A1, .38 Super and a mixed caliber version are all announced and will roll out in 2012 and 2013.  This looks like a pretty exciting gun, so stay tuned for all of the new information!

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  1. Interesting! I’m not sure about the double triggers feel though. I’m too used to having my trigger finger placed on just one trigger that having that second one in there seems like it would interfere with that good placement. Even though the triggers work in tandem I think it would change the trigger pull because of finger placement.

    As far as practical – I could only see this as a home defense gun. Too heavy and bulky to carry around concealed.

    Powerful though, and interesting. I always like to see the ingenuity in firearms design, even if it’s not going to go big, because its that creativity that will generate the next great advancement.

  2. Why not develop the same concept for the AR platform? I wonder how BATF will look at it?

  3. dl tomten says:

    How do simultaneous rounds affect one another. Would seem the shockwave / wake and turbulence from one would totally confuse the other. Aint smart enough to figure anything out beyond asking the question.

  4. Neat, and an accomplishment to be proud of. However, I don’t think it will sell like hotcakes after a couple of months. It may hold promise as the next Desert Eagle in Hollywood movies.

  5. Honey Badger says:

    You wanna prove something to me, Mr Gun Designer. Make the pistol fire the rounds concurrently, so that one is leads, the other in trail, you could call that Double Thump or Double Tap. The first round fired would need a gross amount of the recoil absorbed or redirected (like the Kriss) so that you aren’t a mile off when the second barrel fires. I bet the guys that make the Rhino could do it…

  6. Nice ACP however, if you can’t kill them within the use of one magazine then don’t own a gun. If your up against bigger odds then be fast and accurate with what you have. There is always someone with a bigger gun but if they are not accurate and fast, what good are they next to you. Tarin, train train and always be ready to put one in the head at the end…..Semper Fi……

  7. What’s the drill for quadruple feed???????

  8. where can I get one?

  9. where to buy it from

  10. Looks like a weapon in search of a purpose!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Armyman_2069 says:

    I wonder how much this thing is going to cost?

    • an arm, a leg and possibly a kidney by the look of it…

      burn your ammo and cash twice as fast!

      that being said, i may buy one…

  12. I dreamed of something like this weapon when I was a 4th grader and taped two plastic 1911 toy guns together. It’s about time somebody configured it in ordnance steel. Thanks. I’ll take two.

  13. Harryintheboro says:

    An engineneering marvel to be sure but so was the Dardick. I think few will be made and they will be bought by collectors and locked away in gunsafes.

  14. Oh, to be one of those lucky collectors……….

  15. MSRP????????!!!!!!

  16. This is something I would like to buy on the QT. Then one night, i’d invite a few of my ex-cop buddies over for a few cold one’s and get them to start bragging about all the guns the’ve had over the years. I’d slip out of the room and go get this beauty and walk in and lay the case on the table and slowly open it, and listen to them all start crying.

  17. Yeah, boy. I’ll bet. Pride of ownership. That’s what I’m talking about. Just tell me how much. It’s too cool to just be a video only thing. I’d like to have one……….yesterday.

  18. Please e-mail me when theit avalable even the wife wants one!

  19. SG Taylor, USMC Ret. says:

    I have one of the original demos for this firearm. Skeptical did not begin to cover the lack of respect I gave to this pistol. Suffice it to say, with 5 different 1911’s in my personal armory, this 45 is now one of my personal favorites. I was apprenticed in handgun techniques is 1959 on a 1911, I have always had a special place in my heart. Try one if you’re range allows demo days, but don’t get mad at me when your wife asks where the money went.

  20. I got mines…………a double barrel pimp action shotgun.

  21. johnny99 says:

    Personally, being lefthanded, I’d think they would be more likely to sell a single barrel, lefthanded 1911 than this. I would certainly buy one of those. Any other takers?

  22. seguin93 says:

    2 words, bear gun. If you have ever shot a 454 cassull, you understand kick. If I got this figured right, this thing throws out more lead, with more impact, and less felt recoil. Did I get that right? And is more compact. and holds more opportunity for additional shots. The great north may supprise you.

  23. Just saw an article about it in Sept/Oct issue of American Handgunner. It looks to me that this is going into production. The article mentioned 45 auto or 38 super. I think the gun looks very well made. Just can’t decide if I want the blued or stainless. I’m sure it’s probably gonna cost a pretty penny but, I’ve got to have one.

  24. I wonder if the barrels could be fired independantly – like with a toggle switch?

    If so, I can see law enforcement buying them. Imagine being able to have lethal and non-lethal rounds in the gun and selecting the correct response in the split second before you fire…

  25. doug warner says:

    for real where can i get one and whats the price

    • Hi Doug,

      Arsenal has not yet begun shipping the pistols, though they insist the guns will ship in the near future. When they do, I will be sure to post an update on the site.


  26. Ethan Manville says:

    When will the AF2011-A1 be ready for public sale in the United States? What is the cost? Where can I obtain accessories?

  27. These things are COOL beyond belief. And do they really NEED a reason other than that to exist. The project became much more complex than it seemed. Tolerances that worked well on std. 1911s don’t here. Example:: This pistol must fire BOTH cartriges an the same exact time. Bullets must exit in the same nano second, so that the opposing muzzle blasts effect each projectile in identical manner. Both barrels recoil at same time so no undue torque is introduced. It would seem that even the loads would have to be identical so ballistic forces would keep gun in line and bullets on straight flight to target.
    Kudos to the development team for a job well done.
    As to why I want one… why the hell not,,, nobody else will have one, So I’ll win with the best toy….
    As to the price considering it’s more than just sticking two guns together w/ ducktape. I’m thinking it’ll be about as pricy as 4-5 nice 1911’s. Lots for a gun,but cheap for what it is.

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