IO Hellcat Reintroduced

The I.O. Hellcat has been reworked and reintroduced to the market.  The new version of the compact .380 pistol has been redesigned to give “greater reliability” and improved performance.

IO Hellcat

Several of the redesigned areas incude:

  • slide
  • extractor
  • sights

According to I.O. Inc, the slide is “…stronger than ever for increased durability and a more solid feel,” and the extractor is an improved design offering “…strong, consistent operation.”

The sights have been upgraded to “high-visibility” sights.  This is certainly a subjective measurement, but many of the subcompact pistols being made today have very small, nearly invisible sights.  From the photos, it is not very clear how much larger the sights are on the redesigned gun.  See the original I.O. Hellcat pistol here.

MSRP is $249.95, and the gun should ship to dealers in the next few months.

From I.O. Inc.:

I.O. Inc. Reintroduces the Hellcat

I.O. Inc.’s Hellcat pistol is being reintroduced to the market this spring with improvements and adjustments to make it the best concealed carry option on the market.

I.O. Inc. has worked hard to bring customers a newly redesigned Hellcat with greater reliability and proven performance for whatever life brings. The new Hellcat packs a perfect combination of performance, reliability and concealability that makes it suitable for all day carry as a backup firearm for law enforcement or the perfect companion for personal protection to licensed carriers. The newly redesigned slides are stronger than ever for increased durability and a more solid feel. When some pocket pistols feel fragile and toy-like, the Hellcat has a heft that rivals the big boys while still being lightweight and comfortable.

IO Hellcat pistol

The newly improved extractor design offers strong, consistent operation for when you need it most. You can count on the durability of our parts to function properly, giving you the most protection and peace of mind.

Finally, we have added high-visibility sights to help you focus faster and fire more accurately. In the heat of the moment when time is critical, we want to give you the advantage to react quickly and make it count.

The Hellcat is chambered in .380 Auto and has an overall length of 5.16,” a width of 0.82” and a height of 3.6.” It features a 2.75” steel alloy barrel with 6 grooves and 1:16” twist. Designed with both male and female shooters in mind, the Hellcat weighs only 9.4 ounces with an empty magazine. The magazine capacity is 6+1.

The Hellcat has an MSRP of $249.95 and comes with a 6 round stainless steel magazine and custom pocket pouch. It is available in 3 finishes to best suit your needs.

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  1. Have had a Hellcat since the start of this year (2013). Took awhile to get extra magazines, which worked better than the original mag which came with the pistol. I’ve found mine to be reliable and easy to carry concealed.
    Went to I.O. Inc.’s new website from Florida, but found no link or reference to the Hellcat among their products. Went to Royal Tiger Imports, which was the recommended outlet for the pistol, and encountered the same problem. No Hellcats listed in their product line either.
    Has this pistol reached the end of its manufacturing run? Would not be able to recommend it to any friends looking for a small firearm because it doesn’t seem to be made any longer. Am i wrong about the end of this gun?

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