Smith & Wesson Shield – More Information

Reading through the investor information from Smith & Wesson yielded additional information about the Shield pistol due out next month.  There is a lot of speculation about the handgun, but it looks like it will be a new M&P series pistol.

Smith Wesson Shield

In a slide labeled “New Models for the M&P Platform,” Smith & Wesson states they will launch an “exciting new handgun” in April.  This is the only specific gun introduction mentioned, and the date coincides with the details we have seen on the Shield so far.

This is pretty clear evidence that the new Shield pistol will be a member of the M&P platform, as there has only been mention of one new handgun that will be introduced at the NRA show.

At this point in the game, the specifics of the gun are still wide open to speculation.  However, I would venture to guess that a polymer-framed 1911 and a .500 S&W derringer are not likely.

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  1. 7.62×25!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now that would be exciting
    But no, probably a concealed handgun in 9mm or 45 ACP
    Lets have something new

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