Photos of the AF2011-A1

We’ve got more AF2011-A1 photos courtesy of Arsenal Firearms.  Enjoy…

Arsenal AF2011 A1

Arsenal AF2011 A1

Arsenal AF2011 A1 photo

Arsenal AF2011 A1 photos

Arsenal AF2011 A1 photos

Arsenal AF2011 A1 picture

Arsenal AF2011 A1 pictures



Arsenal AF2011-A1 .38 Super

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  1. Wow, I had assumed that there were two slides, but this makes it seem that there is only one slide and one trigger. Firing two bullets at the same time? How on Earth can that be accurate? The powder would have to ignite and burn very nearly exactly the same time and speed or one would cause the other to miss the aim point. Or so it seems to me. I look forward to reviews of someone actually shooting it. Yeah, I know it’s little more than a novelty, but it’s still getting my curiosity going.

  2. Also, there is the problem that you essentially double the odds of a malfunction or jam that will disable the gun.

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