Barnes 300 AAC Blackout Bullets and Ammo

300 AAC BLACKOUT BulletsAs I reported last December, Barnes is now making a bullet for the 300 AAC Blackout cartridge.  The new bullet is a 110 grain, all copper bullet with a polymer tip.

Barnes is now making ammunition for the 300 AAC Blackout using this bullet.  The new Barnes 300 AAC Blackout VOR-TX ammunition is rated at 2300 fps from the muzzle (1292 ft-lbs of energy).  At 300 yards, the velocity eases down to 1536 fps (577 ft-lbs).

Part of the Barnes TAC-TX line, the bullet achieves expansion to .50″ with 20+” of penetration at 300 yards.  Barnes states the bullets have been tested with short and standard length barrels.

The bullets can be ordered through Barnes or through retailers.  The ammunition can only be purchased through retailers like Midway USA, and not directly from Barnes.

Defensive Revolver Fundamentals

grant cunningham bookIf you carry a revolver for self defense, you must read this book.  World-renowned revolver gunsmith and firearms trainer Grant Cunningham teaches you life-saving information on using the wheelgun in a violent encounter.

This hard hitting, no punches pulled book can literally mean the difference between a cold grave and going home to your family.
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