New Beretta Nano Models

Beretta NanoI got to talk with Beretta staff about the upcoming Nano models while at the 2012 SOFIC this week.  Here are a few of the highlights:

  • The Beretta Nano production is at maximum capacity.  Even so, all Nano pistols that will be made in 2012 are already spoken for.  In fact, if you were a distributor ordering from Beretta today, sometime in 2013 is the earliest you would see any of your Nano pistols.  These pistols are selling extremely well.
  • Colors are coming – The Beretta rep I spoke with told me that in 2013, the Nano will be offered in a variety of colors.  Although she was not able to give me specific details, I would expect to see a model with a satin stainless slide and other models with a variety of frame colors (pink, OD and tan would be my best guesses).

  • Accessory frames will be introduced in 2013.  The Nano uses an internal chasis which has the serial numbered part controlled by the ATF (not unlike the SIG P250).  This allows Beretta to design new frames, and the shooter can merely drop the chasis into the new frame.  Beretta advised we will see new frames with internal accessories, such as lasers, in 2013.  It is not known if Beretta will be teaming up with another company, such as Crimson Trace or Insight, to provide the laser.

It looks like the Beretta booth at the 2013 SHOT Show will be very interesting indeed.

Defensive Revolver Fundamentals

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