Caracal CC10 9mm Carbine

Caracal CC10[Ed. note: Aaron got his hands on the Caracal CC10 carbine at the 2013 SHOT Show and his write up on the gun is here.]

The Caracal carbine is a reality.  Unveiled in Abu Dhabi at the 2012 ISNR, the CC10 is a 9mm carbine based on the Caracal pistol designs.

The carbine will be offered in two versions: short barrel and long barrel.  The exact barrel lengths were not released, but expect to see something around 10″ for the SB and 16″ for the LB.

The carbines take 15, 18 and 30 round magazines that are completely interchangeable with the magazines in the Caracal pistol line.  The CC10 has an ambidextrous magazine release.  Additionally, the carbines come standard with accessory rails for the addition of lights, lasers, grips and more.

It seems that Caracal is doing what Glock never would: manufacture a carbine that used the same magazines as the company’s pistols.  For years, consumers asked Glock for just this kind of firearm, but nothing was ever released.  Kel-Tec has made a small profit on selling carbines that take Glock magazines, but for many people, Kel-Tec isn’t as good as a Glock branded product.

Caracal carbine

At this point, I don’t know if a pistol-caliber carbine is going to be a huge seller.  In the mid-90′s there seemed to be a push for just such a firearm, but no one developed anything that really caught on.  Since that time, the popularity of the AR platform has surged, and I don’t know if that has squeezed the pistol-caliber carbine from a profitable niche.

I think that Glock could still be profitable with a carbine, if for no reason other than brand loyalty.  Caracal doesn’t have a strong foothold in the US, so sales in the states may be an uphill battle.

Caracal CC10 LB

From Caracal:

Caracal unveils CC10 9x19mm Carbine

Caracal introduces a new member of its Small Arms family: A 9mm carbine for law enforcement as well as for the sports market at ISNR 2012 

Leading small arms manufacturer, Caracal, has introduced its first 9mm carbine at ISNR 2012. The Caracal CC 10, adding another level of performance and modularity to Caracal’s weapon family, will be available to customers in 2 variants: The CC10 SB (short barrel version) and the CC10 LB (long barrel version).

Where the SB version is aiming for the professional law enforcement market, the LB version is aiming to the civil consumer market as it is ideal for sports target shooting.

The CC10 includes most modern technologies to provide highest reliability, precision and safety. Some of the CC10 features are a short travel trigger, magazines with 15, 18 or 30 round capacity (magazines are interchangeable with the Caracal pistol family), ambidextrous magazine release and full tactical rails.

Chief Operating Officer of Caracal, said: “The Caracal CC10 represents another example of Caracal’s commitment to innovation and focus on the continuous improvement of its range of products to meet the requirements of Caracal customers all over the world.

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  1. Sell that junk overseas………..

  2. Unfortunately it will never be made for sale in the US due to our import ban on semi-autos that can take magazines over 10 rounds. Unless they either start making it in the US with enough US made components to no longer be considered imported, or they redesign the mag well so it can’t take 10+ round capacity magazines.

  3. Only if it has enough US made parts.

    Beretta has a big USA manufacturing plant so making USA parts for the CX4 to pass the 922r import test to be considered “USA Made” is easy. Maybe Caracal will come up with a similar process.

  4. ATF approved the CC10 for import into the US allready.

  5. Can you provide a link to that information saying it has been approved? I’d appreciate that very much.

    Less than a month ago it still had yet to be approved for importation. Which unfortunately won’t be possible if made with all foreign made parts and a 10+ round magazine.


  6. This might be a better alternative to the High-Point Carbines. I’d like to at least look at renting one of these at the range. Caracal has US operations to my knowledge. I’d agree with this article in the sense that Glock needs to make a similar weapon. I’d really like to see one in .45 ACP.

  7. I can’t even find the Kel Tec at a reasonable price. This one looks like the non existent Taurus 9mm carbine. Still can’t decide if the 9mm Carbine actually serves a purpose.


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