Argh…Airsoft Goes Zombie

One day, the shooting community will look back on the zombie meme and think “WTF?”  Right now, however, the industry is running at ludicrous speed toward all things zombie.  The latest aboard the crazy train?  Crosman.

Crosman ZT32

The Undead Apocalypse line of airsoft shotguns, pistols, ammo and targets are all part of the “green is in” movement.  That way if you want to pretend the zombies are attacking, while you are pretending to play war, you will be prepared.

“All you need to successfully guard against impending doom is included in this new category of airsoft products,” said Roy Stefanko, VP of Marketing for Crosman Corporation.  Uh-huh.

It would seem that anyone with a product in the shooting world is painting it green and selling it as specially suited for taking out the undead.  Grab a zombie logo from 99Designs and you are set.

My question:  is anyone actually buying all of this stuff?

Anyway, Crosman is offering the Zombie Fun Kit, which is a “…quartet of freaky, lifeless ghoul…” targets.  Point of fact: zombies and ghouls are not the same.  Without pulling out the Monster Manual, I’m fairly certain to damage ghouls you need magic weapons, where zombies do not.  And, for a given level, clerics are far more likely to turn zombies than ghouls.  (Too nerdy?)

Crosman Z71

The Crosman anti-zombie guns include the Terminator and the Eraser.  Both can be loaded with “Zombie Serum Marking BBs” to turn your friends into zombies.  Also, Crosman offers “Zombie Antidote Marking BBs” to turn them back.

I hope this meme passes soon.  Seems Uncle has had enough as well.

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  1. Who buys all this zombie junk?!

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