Amazing Article: 5.56 vs. .223

Andrew Tuohy of fame put together a fantastic article about the 5.56 and .223 cartridges.  Unlike most of us, though, he actually did pressure testing using differently chambered rifles and a variety of ammunition.

There has long been a debate on whether it is safe to fire 5.56 NATO rounds in a rifle chambered for the SAAMI-spec’d .223 Remington cartridge.  Thanks to the folks at LuckyGunner, where the article is published, Andrew was able to use actual pressure monitoring equipment to give a more than theoretical answer.

I highly recommend checking it out.

Defensive Revolver Fundamentals

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  1. Thank you so much for a well researched, non-biased article. You’ve done a great favor to all of us. My Mini-14 has always been represented and reported as capable of both calibers, and I’ve never had an issue shooting both in it. Nice to know exactly why that is and what the risks, small as they are, might be.

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