More on the New Saiga-12

The new Saiga-12 appears to be on track for import into the United States according to information from Izhmash.  Additionally, overall shipments of firearms from Izhmash to the US is expected to “…increase significantly.”


The new Saiga-12 in action during competition.

The new Saiga-12 features a variety of modifications including a push-button magazine release, AR-type buttstock, a new gas system, a unique muzzle brake and more.  I gave a more complete run down on the Saiga-12 last month.

Izhmash is focusing on the police and competition markets for the new shotgun.  While the new Saiga wasn’t announced until recently, several competitors have been running the guns in the European circuit to test them out.  Several competitions have been won with the new guns according to Izhmash.

Back in January, the company announced several new contracts to provide Saiga-12 shotguns to law enforcement agencies in the United States.  Interestingly, development on the new shotguns started in February.  It is not known if the contracts prompted the new gun’s development.  I do not think the two things are totally isolated, or happened in a vacuum.

Izhmash also secured contracts to supply Saiga-12 shotguns to law enforcement agencies in Australia and in Poland.  These procurements were announced in March.


The all-new Saiga-12 shotgun. Note all of the changes from the original guns.

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