S&W 642 with Croc Grips

Smith Wesson 642 Croc GripsDistributors can often talk a manufacturer into making special runs of popular firearms so they can sell an exclusive item.  Talo Distributors is a company that has had great success in having companies produce limited edition firearms, and these Smith & Wesson 642 revolvers are just one example.

The S&W 642 is an extremely popular handgun.  It is a lightweight, five-shot revolver chambered for the .38 Special.  It is most commonly used as a pocket gun for concealed carry and as a backup gun for uniformed law enforcement.  I’ve carried mine in both capacities.

S&W 642 Croc GripsThese special edition 642 revolvers feature special wooden, crocodile-textured grips.  The grips can be had as a standard compact grip or as a boot grip (the shorter of the two).

Pricing in comprable to the standard 642, and I have seen them for sale for $375 and less online.  Unfortunately, they do have the internal lock…



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