Across Florida, A Squeeeeeee Was Heard….

A silencer is now available for the KRISS Vector line of guns.

KRISS Suppressor

Defiance, a firearm accessory company based in Switzerland, is now making the HPS 4GSK suppressor for the .45 ACP guns.  The suppressor is a little over 1.1 pounds and is about 7.7″ long.

The HPS 4GSK debuts on the “Top 10 Things Most Coveted by Robb Allen” list, bumping the “Papa Smurf in the Land of the Iguanas” VHS tape off the chart.

SureFire X300 WeaponLight

surefire x300Trust the brand that has been combat tested by US Special Forces and elite law enforcement units the world over. The X300 WeaponLight is battle hardened and ready for duty on your pistol, rifle or shotgun.

500 lumens and instant on activation will give you the decisive advantage if you are faced with a lethal force encounter.  Accept only the best - your life is worth it.
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  1. It was a suppressed squee, FYI.

    I’ve already looked at hushing the Vector, but the problem is that to do so requires me losing possession of it for 8+ months while the ATF wiggles its collective thumb up its collective butt. This is mostly because the barrel would have to be shortened so that the can can be put on, pinned to avoid the SBR issue and that that cannot be done until the appropriate paperwork has been filed which can’t be done until the guy doing the work actually *has* the firearm.

    I take it this is a can for the SBR version and not the carbine, am I correct?

    • Unfortunately your observations are accurate. I didn’t catch that first time through, but going back and looking at it, the new suppressor is for the SMG, SBR and pistol versions of the gun.

      I guess that I should re-name the post “Heard across Florida: SQUEEEE….wait, what? Crap!”

  2. I “get” (and appreciate ) the concept of this weapon system, but it’s so *stupid-expensive* I’d never consider it unless I had money falling out of my butt.

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