Across Florida, A Squeeeeeee Was Heard….

A silencer is now available for the KRISS Vector line of guns.

KRISS Suppressor

Defiance, a firearm accessory company based in Switzerland, is now making the HPS 4GSK suppressor for the .45 ACP guns.  The suppressor is a little over 1.1 pounds and is about 7.7″ long.

The HPS 4GSK debuts on the “Top 10 Things Most Coveted by Robb Allen” list, bumping the “Papa Smurf in the Land of the Iguanas” VHS tape off the chart.

Defensive Revolver Fundamentals

grant cunningham bookIf you carry a revolver for self defense, you must read this book.  World-renowned revolver gunsmith and firearms trainer Grant Cunningham teaches you life-saving information on using the wheelgun in a violent encounter.

This hard hitting, no punches pulled book can literally mean the difference between a cold grave and going home to your family.
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