Sneak Peak: New Firefly Sights at 2013 SHOT Show


One color combination with the standard ATS system.

While the 2013 SHOT Show is still about six months away, Richard Nasef, the president of WrenTech Industries, is already talking about some of the possible new sights we will see.  WrenTech makes the very visible, pyramid-shaped Advantage Tactical Sight (ATS).

There are a number of new products Nasef discussed introducing at SHOT, and all of them may eventually hit the market, though in what order remains to be seen.  The most interesting to me is the Advantage Tactical Firefly Sight.  According to Nasef, the Firefly is a “light-activated glow series of front sights.”

Due to the configuration of the ATS system, a standard tritium vial for the front sight isn’t a good option.  A light reactive front sight paint (for lack of a better term) is much more flexible and will better fit with the ATS system.

It would seem that the glow material that WrenTech is using is vastly superior to any of the “glow in the dark” paints I have experimented with.  With the prototypes, Nasef states a 10 second charge from a 90 lumen tactical light will give more than two hours of practical glow time.  A 30-second charge moves the glow time past three hours.

Additional testing by WrenTech has shown that a full minute of direct sunlight will give about seven hours of useful glow from the new sights.  Not too shabby.

As a partner to the Firefly, WrenTech is currently developing a “Stealth Light,” which they describe as a separate “invisible” light to charge the front sight.  If this gives a charge similar to full sunlight exposure, this would be a great option for people carrying guns at night.

A cop could charge the front sight at the start of the shift and have a useable, glowing front sight for a good part of the night.  A quick “top off” charge halfway through the shift would keep things bright.

For more information on the Firefly tactical sight, Stealth Light and more new ATS systems coming out, check out Nasef’s blog post.

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