I know that other websites have been reporting that Walmart is now selling AR-style rifles.  But, I didn’t realize they were advertising them also.

This ad is from a sales flyer in the Sunday edition of my local paper.  Note that there is not just one, but two (!) AR15 rifles shown:  a SIG and a Colt.  Plus, two of the sights shown on the right of the page are much more “tactical” than what the traditional crowd might like.

I never thought I would see black rifles being sold in Walmart, and I never imagined seeing them advertised.  Heck, even the SIG rifle is labeled “Only at Walmart.”

But, we have to keep in mind that some states are still not free.  A close-up of the fine print:


No GAMO for you!

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  1. I just saw a version of this flyer in my local Wally World last night. Among many other things, it was advertising Colt, DPMS, and the SIG AR shown above. My store does not carry rifles, but there was a web URL to find the nearest store where they are available.

    Money talks…

    • DPMS also? Nice.

      I hate to shop in Walmart because of the masses of people and general level of clutter as compared to Target and other stores. But, it is nice to see that they are starting to embrace Gun Culture 2.0.

      Now if we could just get them to carry the M82A1…

  2. It is nice to see AR15s becoming more mainstream and acceptable in society.
    Both Walmart and Dicks used to sell just “sporting arms”
    I bet Sports Authority regreat stopping selling guns.
    Now lets hope they start selling handguns

  3. My local Wal-Mart won’t sell firearms (other than muzzleloaders), but they sell ammunition and just about everything to go with the firearm. However, a neighboring city Wal-Mart does sell firearms, and I saw a Colt and DPMS there a few months ago.

    I too usually avoid the Blue masses, but I’ve had to revisit that thought with Wal-Mart’s openness to guns.

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