DeSantis Thigh High Holster

Thigh High HolsterDeSantis announced a new holster in their synthetic line of holsters called the Thigh High.  The new holster is designed for small handguns such as the SIG P238 and Smith & Wesson 642.

The gun is being marketed toward women, though I think they miss a large market of kilt-wearing folk.  Frankly, I just don’t know if Jay G is concerned about his “freedom to express your feminine style.”

Described as an “intimate-wear holster,” the Thigh High scabbard is constructed of neoprene and nylon and is available in right hand and left hand models.  While it claims to be comfortable enough to make “date night all night,” I do wonder what the pair of garter straps are supposed to latch onto to prevent the rig from sliding down the leg.  After all, most of the dresses and skirts I see on women are not using a belt, and having a one pound weight pulling on them is not likely to be flattering.

That said, carrying a flat pistol inside the thigh would probably conceal well, though I wonder how comfortable such a thing would be.  The tapered shape of the leg (thinner as you go down) makes keeping the rig in place harder, and walking may be uncomfortable for some folks.

MSRP on the Thigh High holster is $79.99.  DeSantis advises there is a three to four week shipping delay currently.

From DeSantis:

DeSantis Gunhide®, a division of HELGEN Industries Inc., introduces the Thigh High™ Holster to fit most small revolvers and small frame autos.

– Thigh High™
Don’t let your right to bear arms interfere with the freedom to express your feminine style. DeSantis’ introduces every woman’s new secret weapon: the Thigh High™ holster. This intimate-wear thigh holster is a ‘must have’ for the fashion-conscious female firearm enthusiast looking to add dresses and skirts to her concealed carry wardrobe. And for the woman who likes to keep her secrets concealed, the Thigh High’s™ slim design will never betray the fact that she is carrying. Date night can be all night as the soft neoprene construction offers hours of custom-fit comfort with just about any small frame revolver or auto. A tight Velcro seal and twin garter straps ensure the firearm stays in place. The DeSantis Thigh High™: your personal security down to the last detail.

The Thigh High™ is available in both right and left hand draw. Style #M70 retails for $79.99. Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping.


Black – Right Hand

Black – Left Hand

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  1. I think “The Betty” from Looper might make a better kilt holster. I have 3 kilts, which I wear often enough that I can understand why women have difficulty finding the right holster.

    If a company were serious about thigh holsters, they’d make something more like a drop leg holster, but with the holster on the inside and forget the garter belt nonsense. Another option would be a really long belt that wrapped around the thigh, crossed, then wrapped around the waist. It would distribute the weight better.

    Once I get my kilt manufacturing off the ground, I should start making kilt-holsters.

  2. armed_partisan says:

    I think this would be a good option for Board Shorts. Typically, they fit baggy and loose, making them idea for hot weather, but a very poor choice for carrying a gun. I have at least one pair that has pockets, but no belt loops. They often have built in straps or draw strings, making carrying even a small J-frame nigh impossible. As a Floridian, I can tell you that this is a problem.

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