Gun Culture 2.0

Michael Bane introduced me to the idea of “Gun Culture 2.0,” and I recently offered my views on the changing face of the gun culture in an article at Human Events.

Cam Edwards of the Cam & Company radio show invited me on Wednesday night to talk about my views on the changing gun culture.  Essentially, I stated that the latest generation of gun owners is a much more diverse crowd and that those of us in the older, or more traditional, gun culture should be as welcoming as possible.

If you read through the comments at the Human Events article, you will see there are a few people that are not terribly welcoming of people that dont look like them.  Fortunately, these kinds of idiots are rare in our community, but it does illustrate the rationale for my article.

If we are to defend our rights, we must stand up together.  If we allow ourselves to be separated by stupid arguments and petty differences, we will ultimately lose.  Yes, it does appear we are currently winning in the gun rights movement, but “winning” is not “won.”

Feel free to post your own thoughts in the comments below.

Oh, and for those that are not already aware, I publish, which is referenced by Cam in the interview.

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