Diamondback DB15

Diamondback DB15

I’ve got more information (and photos) of the new Diamondback DB15 rifles I first mentioned last month.  After seeing them in the databases of a major gun dealer, I knew they were real, but I just didn’t have photos to share.  That’s all changed now that Diamondback posted their pretty new AR’s online.

A variety of models are, or will be, available.  Variations include different colors, handguards, sights and stocks.  As can be seen in these photos, they will offer everything from a plain-Jane black M4-style rifle to a Magpul-equipped gun to a flat dark earth colored gun with a free float handguard.

At first blush, it appears the company has some nice models that should appeal to many black gun enthusiasts.  Personally, I’d love to test drive the desert model shown, but with a Magpul CTR stock instead of the standard collapsible buttstock.

Diamondback DB15 FDE

According to the company, the components are machined in-house on Diamondback CNC machines.  It is not known how many of the parts are made in-house and what other bits and pieces are outsourced.  For example, it would be safe to say that the lower receiver is rolling off a Diamondback machine.  But, how about other parts like the trigger?  The flash suppressor?  Many manufacturers outsource a large number of AR parts, so Diamondback it would be completely normal for Diamondback to bring in a number of parts from the outside.

Information on the company website is sparse, but the Diamondback DB15 uses the standard direct gas impingement system.  They are chambered for the 5.56.  It is not known if other calibers will be available in the near future.  Demand from customers would be the most likely motivator for the addition of new chamberings.

Diamondback Firearms DB15

A Picatinny rail on the receiver seems to be standard fare across the line.  Personally, I like the flat top receivers.  I also prefer rifles with a folding front sight, which appears to be an option on several of the new DB15 rifles.  Nice.

At the 2012 SHOT Show, we saw a prototype Diamondback 12 gauge shotgun, which we figured would be the next major product release from the company.  However, it looks like we were wrong on that count.  Regardless, the addition of a completely new product line suggests the company is healthy and expanding, which is a good thing.

We’ll be at the 2012 NASGW Expo next week and will hit the Diamondback booth to get more information and photos on these new DB15 rifles.

Diamondback DB15 carbine

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  1. More competition usually means lower prices and greater availability. It also brings more thoughts and ideas into this very popular arena. I’ve liked what I’ve seen in the Diamondback pistols, and I’m interested in testing one of these models as well.

    I know some may feel as if the AR market is too saturated, but I think the popularity and demand are only on the rise. Having more options is great for the end user, especially in these politically hot times. Should restrictions come back some manufacturers (especially AR-15 specific ones) may really feel the crunch and fold. But for now I’m glad to have the options around. And with Diamondback they have their pistols (and maybe a shotgun) to fall back on should the politicians limit our gun selections again.

    • Shane Smith says:

      The db15 is a excellent rifle for the money, but there are some downsides the trigger group is poor at best and my gas key was not staked well at all on my BCG. My solution was a 4lb Timmney trigger, BCM BCG and a zero fail large latch charging handle and PWS 556 FSC muzzle break. Gun performs awesome with free floated barrel, awesome for end shoots a 6″ to 8″ group at 300 yards on a good day everything performs well. Now I know I made allot of modifications to the rifle with some serious money invested after initial buy of 850-900 but if u love workin on your own guns and customizing them to your needs for the tool ( which I do with every rifle). Great gun though great beginner ar for the quality to price ratio.


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