Green Bersa BP9CC

green Bersa BP9CC

Looks like I missed this before, but you can now get an OD green Bersa BP9CC pistol.  The olive-colored BP9 pistol is otherwise the same as the original black-framed Bersa pistol.

Bersa has long been popular with people looking for an affordable and reliable concealed carry gun.  However, they never really caught my imagination until the development of the BP9CC pistols.  I really like the lines of the BP9 pistols, and they feel good in the hand.

I’ve not yet been able to get one for a review, but I did get to handle one at the SHOT Show.  The trigger was very nice, the controls worked as expected and the balance in the hand was very good.  Even though the gun is very thin (0.94″), the gun still fills the hand nicely.  I’ll reserve final judgement until I get one on the range, but I really like these new pistols.

The OD green Bersa BP9CC is attractive.  I tend to be a little more traditional in my firearms, but green guns are ok by me.  Well, as long as the company gets the color right, anyway.  Splashing neon green on the frame and calling it a Zombie Devastator 5000 ain’t gettin’ it for me.

The Bersa BP9CC, in both green and black, are made in Argentina and are imported into the United States by Eagle Imports. The pistols are chambered in 9mm, and hold eight rounds in the standard magazine.  The gun has a short Picatinny rail, so adding a white light or laser is easy to accomplish.

Weight and size are both suitable for concealed carry.  Weight (minus ammunition) is 21.5 ounces.  Barrel length is a respectable 3.3″ with an overall length of 6.35″.

Bersa BP9CC olive

It is up to you to decide if the OD green BP9 pistol is the color for you.  Bersa also makes the BP9 with a black frame/black slide and a black frame/matte nickel slide.

Eagle Imports will be showing the green Bersa BP9CC handguns next week at the 2012 NASGW Expo in Orlando, FL.  GunsHolstersAndGear staff will be there, and we will try to get you more photos and information on the green BP9CC.

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