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(11/9 Update:  Details on the Walther PPX are in this post.)

(11/8 Update: Photos of the new Walther PPX are here.)

The Walther PPX is a new gun being introduced at the 2012 NASGW Expo this week.  The new pistol is a polymer frame, hammer fired handgun.  Right now we have limited information on the new gun, but here are some of the things we know.

The magazine release is frame mounted and reversible, suggesting a conventional push button release instead of the lever-style found on Walther pistols like the P99, PPS and P22 models.

The Walther PPX will also have a loaded chamber viewport, which could be very similar to the ones found on the Smith & Wesson M&P pistols.  Even though the relationship between S&W and Walther is winding down, there is likely still some sharing of ideas and technology.

The new PPX is said to have a consistant trigger pull, suggesting a DAO (double action only) gun.  The gun is not a striker fired pistol:  it is hammer fired.

Right now, I do not have information on the size of this pistol.  It could be a “duty” sized gun, or something more compact.  However, the PPX is supposed to have a Picatinny rail.  While compact guns can definitely have an accessory rail, a subcompact gun generally cannot.

We’ll be at the Walther booth during the next couple of days, so expect to get more information on and photos of the new Walther PPX pistol.

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