SIG Sauer P227

Sig Sauer P227

The new SIG Sauer P227 will look a lot like the P226 E2 pictured above.

(Ed. note: Click here for our first review of the SIG P227.)

Looking for a new double stack .45?  Consider the brand new SIG Sauer P227.

The SIG P227 is a new pistol that will be shown at the 2013 SHOT Show.  According to one of my contacts at SIG, the new gun can be viewed as either a double-stack P220 or a .45 ACP-chambered P226.  Either way, this gun sounds like a winner.

Essentially, the P227  will be a mating of the P220 and P226 handguns.  According to SIG Sauer, the P227 will take any of the P220 upper assemblies, so you can configure the top end in any of the ways you like.

However, the grip/frame portion of the gun will be about the same size as the P226.  This allows the gun to take double-stack .45 ACP magazines, yet still be small enough for shooters to wrap their hands around.

Flush fit magazines will hold ten rounds, but extended magazines will also be available from SIG.  The extended mags will hold 14 rounds of .45 ACP.  If the extended P227 magazines are similar in size the the extended P226 mags, they will add about an inch to the overall height of the gun without negatively impacting the overall handling of the gun.  I own a few of the P226 extended magazines, and enjoy shooting with them.

The P227 will be a large gun that will be best suited for law enforcement, military or home protection duties.  This is not likely to be a gun you want to carry concealed all day.

SIG P227 Tactical

This is a tactical version of the SIG P227 at the 2013 SHOT Show. Click the above image to see more photos of the P227.

One of the nice things about the SIG Sauer P227 is that it will fit in the vast majority of P220R and P226R holsters.  The SIG rep I spoke with actually stated it should fit in all of those holsters, but I know there are some very tight tolerance retention holsters on the market that might require slight changes for a perfect fit.  If there are no issues with the holsters, it makes it easy for a law enforcement agency to transition to the .45 ACP round from another cartridge if they so desired.

The P227 will have a Picatinny-style accessory rail for the attachment of a white light or laser.

I do not have insights into SIG Sauer’s motivations, but I could appreciate how the company might be setting themselves up for a move into various US military circles.  Many in the US military prefer the .45 ACP cartridge, and a P227 manufactured to Mk 25 specs (the Navy SEALs version of the P226) could be a real winner for the company.

Even though no one specifically mentioned it to me, I would expect to see an extended and threaded barrel available for the SIG Sauer P227.  The company is introducing their own line of suppressors, and what a perfect match that would be.  I should note that the initial suppressor offerings will not include a .45 can according to the information I have received, but a P227 with tall sights, threaded barrel and a can would be sweet.

SIG will have the new P227 at the Media Day event ahead of the SHOT Show.  We will be there that morning, and I am eager to shoot this new pistol.  Make sure you follow us for all of our SHOT coverage.  We will have all sorts of photos, videos and news from Media Day and the show floor.

We’ve got more photos and all of the details on these pistols here.

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  1. Beautiful pistol. So what’s the price of entry for a 227?

    $1,000? Do I hear $1,100? ‘North’ of there?

  2. Probably will be similar to the p221 prototype that came out years back but never got out of the development stages.

  3. The Gun Guy says:

    How about a P224 for sale before we start on yet another unobtainable pistol

  4. Another Sig Sauer brilliant idea……. like the P250. Too many models that duplicate one another and over priced….By the time it’s released ,only a 10 round mag will be available (legal) so why bother?

  5. I like it. A lot. When are they shipping? .40 is fine, but a .45 is much better.

  6. I really like the look/idea of this pistol. The P226 is the best handgun ever made…except caliber. Now that the P227 is out and in .45, I think I have found perfection!

  7. I feel that Sig will mimic the P226 TacOps with the same pistol grip magazine well as in the P226, along with the fiber optic front sight and the plus 2 magazine.

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