New Blackhawk Products

Blackhawk GripBreak HolsterBlackhawk announced a slew of new products at the recent 2012 NASGW Expo.  I’ll run down a few of them for you here:

GripBreak leather holsters – The GripBreak leather holsters are concealment holsters with a thumb release mechanism.  The design of the holster allows for the shooter to obtain a shooting grip on the pistol while simultaneously deactivating the retention device.

The GripBreak is a complete departure from Blackhawk’s very popular SERPA line of holsters, which are made of polymer and use a retention device activated by the index finger.  Blackhawk has integrated a thumb release into several new holster designs, including the Epoch duty holster for law enforcement.

Initially, the GripBreak holsters will be made for the Glock pistols (models 17, 19, 22, 23, 31, 32), the 1911 and the Smith & Wesson M&P 9 and 40.  Presumably, the line would be expanded to meet consumer demand should it prove popular.  MSRP is $76.99.

Pro Shooter’s Forearm Sleeve – This is a simple sleeve that attaches to a shooter’s forearm and stores eight shotgun shells in elastic loops.  It is completely adjustable and comes in black or coyote tan.  MSRP is $24.99

Blackhawk BUISFolding and Fixed BUIS – Blackhawk is now making several backup sight options for your AR-platform rifles:  a folding front BUIS (back up iron sight), a folding rear BUIS, and a fixed rear BUIS.

Both of the folding sights have spring activated deployment.  They have polymer bases and aluminum towers/sights.  The front sight uses standard tools for adjustment.  The fixed rear sight is steel and aluminum.

All three of the sights can be had in black, OD green or dark earth brown.  Pricing on both of the folding sights is $59.99, while the fixed rear is $79.99.

Blackhawk Surefire Mag PouchSureFire Magazine Pouches – As many of you know, SureFire is now making 60 and 100 round magazines for the AR15/M4 rifles.  Well, Blackhawk is now making mag pouches for both of these magazines.  Both pouches are MOLLE compatible and come in black, OD green, coyote tan and MultiCam.

Pricing for the 60 round patch is $28.99 for all colors except MultiCam, $33.99 for MultiCam.  For the 100 round pouch, prices move to $39.99 and $51.99 for MultiCam.

Sportster Titan Rifle Rests – Blackhawk now has a series of rifle rests for range shooting.  These rests range in price from $69.99 to $179.99 depending on what you are looking for.

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  • David

    I’ve always wondered why someone wasn’t making a proper concealment holster with simple retention deactivated by the thumb. My only caveat is I try to avoid leather, but I bet lots of people would like some retention despite the concealed nature of the gun. I hope they sell plenty of these.