SIG MPX: Official Name for the New SMG


SIG MPX is the official name of the new SIG Sauer submachine gun that has been rumored ahead of the 2013 SHOT Show.  I have been in contact with sources at SIG Sauer, who have confirmed both the gun and the new name.

For those not familiar with the information on this new SMG, the SIG MPX will be a pistol-caliber sub-gun with controls very similar to those of an AR-15.  The first run of guns will be chambered in 9mm, .40 S&W and .357 SIG.

A full auto version will be available, though restricted to government buyers in the United States.  However, there will also be two civilian versions of the SIG MPX:  a 16″ barrel carbine and a short barrel rifle (SBR) version with an unknown length barrel.

Pistol caliber SMGs have been popular with various military and law enforcement units, with the HK MP5 being the standard by which all other modern sub-guns are judged.  However, I have seen a migration away from the MP5 to short barrel AR-15 carbines by many SWAT teams.

Only time will tell how popular the SIG MPX will be.  However, I can see the .357 SIG version as fitting into a neat position between the MP5 and the AR-15.  It would maintain many of the benefits of the MP5, such as size and less report than a SBR AR-15, yet provide more “stopping power” than a 9mm.  Also, out of a longer (than a pistol) barrel, the .357 SIG cartridge is likely to defeat most soft body armor.

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  1. Yeah, I could see how one in .357 SIG would make a nice entry gun. But for civilians, I don’t get it. It is likely to be expensive and you are still left with a pistol caliber carbine. For the price, I’d rather have a nice piston AR.

  2. Mustang Driver says:

    Don’t much care about the 357 SIG – too damn expensive. I would take one in 9mm and run hot ammo through it, like the Federal 115 gr +P+. In the longer barrel, I’d suspect you would get 1500-1600 fps, right?

  3. This, just like the MP5, should work well for a closed breech, suppressor use gun. The MP5 was really the only option for years. Everything else was blowback operated. I’m interested. 147gr 9mm ammo and a silencer = goodness.

  4. I saw the video of these on YouTube and I have to say they look awesome. I really would like to get one of these. I guess I’ve got a better chance of getting with Angeline Jollie than I do of getting my hands on one of these.


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