Pincus on Spree Killers and School Safety

Firearms trainer Rob Pincus is reaching out to the educational community, offering training on how to respond to spree murderers in a “gun free” environment.  The above video contains excerpts of the more salient points of his 30 minute presentation to kids, 7-17 years old.

Thanks to Laura Burgess for the tip about these video. And a huge thank you to Pincus for having the guts to address the problem head on.

Defensive Revolver Fundamentals

grant cunningham bookIf you carry a revolver for self defense, you must read this book.  World-renowned revolver gunsmith and firearms trainer Grant Cunningham teaches you life-saving information on using the wheelgun in a violent encounter.

This hard hitting, no punches pulled book can literally mean the difference between a cold grave and going home to your family.
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