Idiots and Asshats

“What do you need a 30-clip magazine for? Not to go hunting deer. I can tell you that because I hunt deer.”

Charlie Crist, former governor of Florida
Dec 19, 2012, Tampa Bay Times

The gun control hysteria in the media is reaching a frenzy.  The asinine statements made in print and on the air have become so commonplace that the media looks like a scene from Idiocracy more than real life.

Is there a sane place left on earth?

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  1. Amen to that!

    The former “govna” obviously has no clue about firearms, as made abundantly clear by his statement. A “30-clip magazine” huh? That’s the problem with the anti-gun liberals, they don’t take time to actually learn the facts. Then they start creating things that sound scary to prove their point. I’m sure the “govna’s” annual deer hunt for votes is a high priority in his life, as attested by some of his colleagues. In fact, this guy apparently is so feeble in his beliefs that he’s recently put in paperwork to change from Republican to Democrat. Sounds a lot like a vote hunt to me!

    Firearms owners listen up. The 2nd Amendment has NOTHING to do with hunting. That’s right – NOTHING! The entire Bill of Rights (first 10 Amendments to the U.S. Constitution for those who didn’t bother to educate themselves) is about the RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE over the POWER of the government. Our Founders wrote a guaranteeing governing document that focused the power to the people (as in democracy) and guarded it with a separation of powers through the people’s representatives (as in republic), and sealed it with the supreme law laid specifically back in the hands of the people (as in the Bill of Rights). It is a RIGHT of the people to own and bear arms, and it has EVERYTHING to do with protecting the people from a government that would take away THEIR RIGHTS – just like the British Empire did bringing on the War of Independence. That is why the 2nd Amendment was put into the Constitution, not for hunting.

    People we need to learn the lessons of EVERY other country that used to allow private firearms ownership. It starts with “banning” something that looks scary, then it goes to full registration, and then it goes to confiscation – of most if not all firearms. It has nothing to do with the scary ones, it has everything to do with power-hungry elites wanting to disarm the “paupers” … I mean populace.

    This is a fight about the elites grabbing power, over the common man’s lawful rights to protect themselves. If you surrender your rights, even piece meal, you might want to learn a new word … “baaahhhh”!

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