Bersa PB9CC Review Coming

Bera BP9CC

I’m not sure I mentioned this before or not, but I recently received a Bersa BP9CC for T&E.  I will have it out on the range later this week, and will give you a complete write up of the gun after that.

I hope it performs exceptionally well, as it is comfortable in the hand and very thin.  Assuming it is reliable, it will make a great CCW piece.

If you are not already familiar with the BP9CC (or BP9), Bersa started importing these into the United States about a year ago.  I was first able to see a BP9 at the 2012 SHOT Show.

The gun is a single-stack 9mm with a number of nice features such as a short Picatinny rail and an ambidextrous magazine release.

The BP9 is very thin, measuring only 0.94″ wide.  The weight is 21.5 ounces (unloaded).  The “CC” in the BP9CC designation stands for concealed carry, and the weight and width definitely live up to that model name.

The BP9CC comes in the matte black finish I have for testing and in a two-tone model (with a nickel slide) and a OD green frame version (with a matte black slide.)  MSRP on these guns is $429 with a street price generally less than $400.

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  1. William T. Shatner says:

    I had a chance to handle one of these in the store back in November. I thought it was an amazing little gun. They were asking $380 for it, and I figured I would go home and think about it. I went back the next day – it was gone. Havent found one since.

  2. William T. Shatner says:

    Forgot to say – it was the one with the silver slide.

  3. PhaseInverter says:

    I bought one. They are amazing little pistols. I’m very pleased. Shoots great and conceals well. I got a guy to make a custom kydex holster for it.

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