New Remington Rifles for 2013

Remington new rifles 2013

Big Green sent out an e-mail teasing to the new Remington rifles for 2013.  In the e-mail, the company states:

A new rifle developed by the masterminds who brought you the Model 700.

Interestingly, the graphic included by Remington shows a five shot group that measures 0.725″.  It is also labeled “100 yards”, “indoors” and 30-06 sprg”.  So, if nothing else we can guess that the new rifle(s) will be long action guns with an emphasis on accuracy.

new rifles from Remington in 2013

With the reference to the Model 700 and the focus on accuracy, I would venture to guess that this might be a new series of rifles that would replace the 770 line.  Right or wrong, the 770 guns have gotten a bit of criticism over the years for being more expensive than other “budget” rifles, yet not offering much, if any, quality improvement over its competitors.  If Remington was to wipe the slate clean and start over, I wonder what they might come up with to replace the 770 and compete more strongly against offerings from Savage, Mossberg and others in this space.

Of course, Remington purists have already started complaining that the new rifles to be introduced in 2013 will be semi-autos based on the AR platform.  While a .30-06 AR-type gun might be interesting, I would find it hard to believe there would be any demand for such a gun.  If you want a .30-caliber modern sporting rifle, you can easily go get an AR-10.

Another possibility is a specialty gun, such as a lightweight, all-weather rifle designed for accuracy and to meet a specific price point.  It is really too difficult to tell what new Remington rifles may be introduced in 2013.

One thing’s for sure:  with the SHOT Show mere days away, we won’t have to wait long to see what they have planned.  Make sure you check out our SHOT Show coverage page.  We will list everything there as it is announced.


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  1. Yeah, I would like to see a replacement of the 770 line. They are total crap. Something at the same pricelpoint but higher quality will be appreciated.

    • PhaseInverter says:

      @Tom – the 770 line is not total crap. I’ve taken plenty of whitetail with my Walmart bought 770. You’ve got no freakin clue.

  2. It would be nice to see something that totally rocks from Remington. When I hear they have new rifles for 2013, I can’t help but think more AR stuff. BUT, I would much rather a slick bolt set up from them this year. Can’t wait for SHOT.

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