New Remington Rifle for 2013 Revealed: the 783

Remington 783 new rifle for 2013

I’m not sure if they jumped the gun, but a number of online gun shops are now listing the new Remington rifle for 2013:  the model 783.  The new bolt-action rifle appears to be a budget gun, sitting above the 770 and below the 700.  (Read the Remington 783 review here.)

The new rifle has a two position safety and an adjustable trigger.  The trigger has an appearance that is very similar to the AccuTrigger from Savage. That is to say there is a lever “switch” in the center of the trigger face.  This style of trigger seems to be growing in popularity as Mossberg and Marlin both have these kinds of triggers on some of their guns.  It is a bit funny to me considering how much grief Glock got from some people back in the 80’s for a similar trigger safety on their pistols.

The bolt-action rifle has a black, synthetic stock, which will not make the purists happy, but this gun is aimed at the budget conscious.  With the price sensitive shoppers, the synthetic stock is likely to be fine.  The trigger guard is over-sized allowing for a hunter to shoot with gloves on if he or she so desires.

The Remington model 783 has a detachable, four round magazine.  It looks like four calibers will initially be available:  .30-06, .270, 7mm Magnum, and .308.  I would expect all of the typical hunting calibers to be offered eventually (.243, 7mm-08, etc.)  Barrel lengths of 22″ and 24″ will be available.

Remington 783 bolt

Currently, there are not any scope packages available for the new Remington rifle.  However, I would not rule out seeing something like that in the future.  I know there are many hunters who like to purchase a “package deal” for hunting, and mating a decent piece of glass to the rifle would probably make for a good selling package.

Speaking to a rep at Leupold, I found out that rings and bases are already available from them for the 783.  Nice.

The new Remington rifle carries a suggested retail price of $451.  However, scanning the dealers who already have the 783 listed, it appears the street prices will be well under $400.  Some dealers are showing prices of only $360.  Assuming this rifle shoots, that is a heck of a deal.

We will have more on this and all of the new Remington rifles for 2013 at the SHOT Show in just a few weeks.  Make sure you visit our SHOT Show coverage page and sign up for our updates.

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  1. Very nice! I can’t wait to put some rounds through one of these at Media Day. Having shot several Remington 700 rifles, I have come to appreciate their reliability and toughness. The 783 has several new features that I find as a great improvement over the standard 700 series.

    The enlarged trigger guard is perfect for those cold, winter hunting days. The “Accu-Trigger-like” trigger should make finding the break point all that much easier, especially on one that can be adjusted to shooter preference. Finally, the detachable magazine is a tremendous plus in my opinion. I have shot rifles with internal magazines, and the 700’s with the hinge-plate magazine. Having a detachable magazine is so much easier for reloading, and correcting any type of feed problems, not to mention downloading. I have shot one 700 that had the detachable magazine set up, but that was a custom order and not all of the magazines fit well.

    If this rifle performs anywhere near the 700’s level of performance, this could be a huge bonus to Remington. The synthetic stock may turn off purists, but many shooters appreciate that low maintenance feature, and the lighter weight as well. Although the 770 was marketed as Remington’s bargain rifle, the general feel and look of the rifle turned a lot of shooters off. Some even complained of less than stellar accuracy.

    The 783 has a nice look to it, and hopefully Remington has solidified the action to maintain the expected Remington accuracy. One interesting point is that the receiver close-up picture doesn’t show any ring or rail mounting holes. That will be one of the first things I look for at SHOT.

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